NEW - Moerman Experience Toolbox


New from Moerman! Check out the Limited Edition Moerman Experience Toolbox! Now available for pre-sale and shipping free!


Each Moerman Experience Toolbox includes:

(2) Moerman Liquidator Channels: (a 10″ and 14″ Liquidator 2.0 Channel)

(1) New Moerman Snapper Handle

The Snapper handle is all new from Moerman and will initially only be sold as part of this kit. The handle features a new and improved locking system that will hold the channel and rubber perfectly in place. It’s also ergonomic, rust resistant, and features a soft, natural grip. A great handle for daily use!


This product ships FREE! It’s available for presale and you can buy it here: Moerman Experience Toolbox

You can read the full write up on our blog: Moerman Experience Toolbox and Snapper Handle

NEW - Moerman Liquidator Series



Cool. Does the handle hold other brands of channels?


Dang I was hoping for an actual toolbox. They should sell the complete kit with mop, pouch, squirt bottle, t-shirt, hat, rubber and a bag of limited edition chips ( or crisps if you prefer)

I can’t stop laughing at this!


Looking at the box…Is Jack Moerman his real name? He looks wrecked. Is he an ‘Ease angel’ window cleaner or a model?


Good question. I think the post apocalyptic imagery is very cool. When the world is on fire and zombies roam then you need Jack.


We are working up a sheet that will show what channels will fit. We will upload it here as a table shortly:


“Jack met with Moerman Engineers to develop the brand new Snapper Squeegee Handle based on Moerman’s EASE principle; efficiency, amazing results, safety, and ergonomics. Now Jack saves up to 25% of his time”. For Jack read Bob Hatt. He should be on the box.


Humm, that’s Jacked.


Just ordered mine… can’t wait to check out what everyone been talking about! Lol Morman’s…


What rubber does this take, is it still round bottom just cut at an angle ?




No, it has the round top.


We are currently running a week long contest to win one of these kits as well. :smiley: --> Enter here!


Hey it could be like sorbo and be those 2 flat lines! : P


Jack is Bob’s alter ego.


Bob looks more like the window cleaners I know. I am in for the freebee however. Maybe some royalties will go to Bob now (or Trad-Man for promoting it). Whatever it takes to support fellow colleagues.


Me and bob don’t get much to be honest :cry: but we love the tools anyway 🖒


You both should. Youtube is a powerful advertising medium.


We get some occasional tools