New logo, what do you think?


Hey guys! I’m brand new to this journey of window washing and would love anyone’s advice! I’m based in Miami, wish me luck. Any advice you guys can offer would be great!


Hello. Welcome to this fine and educational forum. I am a new guy too. Hope you don’t have card printed yet. First, it’s Windowsill or Window- Sill. (Wikipedia). If you love the dolphin, maybe put a squeegee in his flipper. Or possibly replace dolphin with a squeegee. Font - Maybe a crisper font…it looks like Gommercial and Gleaning at first look. The right side looks great. Be sure to ask any questions you have as you get started, but also go up to the little search window above and search for any topics in mind. There are literally thousands of topics that will list with key search words. Don’t be a cheap date, your discounts seem a little steep. Just two cents. :sunglasses: do a great job, take pride in your work to make perfect glass and go make a fortune.