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[/detaillong time lurking first time posting my question is how many go up on a roof to get hard to reach windows or is that frowned upon


Hello and welcome to the forum !

I only walk on roofs on the rare occasion but I do if I have to .


Florida also, roof access to windows is at times needed in order to reach the window. It is not unheard of to mark a window as “uncleanable” if it is too sketchy to reach.


Yes ladders are used here in Florida. Your other options are DI, or RO system. If you’re a traditional kinda guy you can use long extension poles with squeegees/mops attached to it. Ladders are used a lot inside residential homes, outside as well if you don’t have a WFP. Some commercial buildings its nice to have a ladder. Like today, I climbed Space Coast Credit Union to clean some windows that a pole could not reach. Also, ladders gives you the opportunity to leave a cleaner finish because your face to face with the glass.

All else fails, do as Garry said, “mark the window uncleanable”


@everydaywc Brevard? I grew up there! Dad worked about 40 years at the cape. How is the market in that area? May have to move back for parents one day so just wondering. (Sorry OP, not trying to derail the conversation)