New here, just saying hi! - Now with pics


I’ve been reading the forum for a while and decided it was time to say hello. I and my son-in-law are starting up a WC business primarily focused on WFP accounts. He has 10 years experience in the business, but never as an owner. I’ve got 15 years experience as owning operating 2 other unrelated businesses.

We’d like to use this post to catalog our progression as we gear up and hoped you fine men and women would weigh in on what you think are good moves and bad moves.

Since WFP is the basis, we started by purchasing a Gardiner x3 Extreme 47 WFP. [Pole]
Safety is a priority, so the next iitem that we purchased was the Little Giant ladder with the SumoStance base and levelers. To minimize back strain, we’ve ordered a Gentili Harrier g2000 rear-tilting ladder rack to go on the lightly used Ford Transit that we picked up. Transit Van

We just recently ordered a RO/DI Grippamax heated water system from Oliver in the UK which we hope to have built and en route within the next couple of weeks. To get us by during the interim, we’ve been using a 3/4 DI pressure vessel to provide the pure water. We were sold (from an unrelated vendor) 300’ of 5mm hose. I’m guessing we should have went with a larger diameter as a feed line because it takes an inordinate amount of pressure to push water through the full length of line. I’d welcome suggestions on what you’ve found works best with lengths and diameters of supply and pole lines.

During the next three weeks, we hope to have the van interior sprayed with line-x and have plans to get either a full or partial wrap. I’d welcome your suggestions in regard to vehicle advertisement, what’s the consensus on full or partial wraps?

We’ll add more pictures as items are checked off, but would really welcome your input on tips that you’d care to offer.


oops! I just realized that I can’t upload those pictures just yet. What the time those?


So are you doing any interiors? Who has the trad skills?


He has the trade skills. Yes, we will service the interior as well. We’ve purchased sqeegies, buckets, mops and everything we thought we might need for interior as well, but if you have a particular recommendation I’d love to hear it. Thanks


You should definitely get your self some extension ladders, 16,24,32 with xtendleg levelers. I’ve come across multiple houses that needed and extension ladder for interior


Seems on first unmaintained cleans wfp doesn’t really cut it if you have to climb up and steel wool it anyway, I was just asking if one of you had the traditional skills down.


I have had good success on first time cleans, using either steel or bronze wool on glass with a WFP. You can get them in either flat pads or sleeves. Flat pads just need a doodle bug to hold them and they will screw onto most traditional poles. There are several options out there.

You’ll probably want a pump too. I use one after my filtration to boost pressure. I use a Wayne PC4.


Thanks. We actually do have a few ladders - Extensions ladders are 32’ aluminum, 28’ fiberglass Giant w/ SumoStance, 22’ Werner fiberglass along with 22’ Little Giant straight/11’ A-frame, ~5’ Little Giant step ladder.

I’m 100% with you on the bronze wool. We have a handheld wool pad holder, but need to look into one that will go onto the WFP.

We should have the pump covered by the pumps that are part of the Grippamax system. I ordered it with the Liquid Logics V3 controller so that they should be fully programmable in regard to pump pressure as well as water temperature.

Thanks again and keep them coming!




Your start up is beautiful. Your ahead of the game with tools and a PERFECT vehicle. The only one I will be purchasing in the future.

These guys will have lots to chime in on. But good work so far. Best of luck!


Just a couple of updates. While waiting on the Grippamax equipment, we got the van interior sprayed with orange Line-x and the Sortimo partition installed.


A little closer look with the Sortimo completely installed. It really quiets the van cab while driving down the road.



Is anyone else using the Gentili Harrier G2000 ladder rack? We were able to get that installed while waiting on some van wrap designs.

Since Safety is my primary business, the G2000 was appealing. It slides a ladder carrier of sorts rearward, then tilts down so that the ladder is held and placed vertically onto the carrier before tilting back onto the van and sliding into place. The ladder only has to be lifted inches off the ground in order to secure it which seems like a safer design.


Okay guys, please offer your opinions on the van wrap designs. We aren’t terribly happy with either, but can kind of see it taking shape.

Share your thoughts please.


Personally, I’m leaning towards the second one.

Good work on your start up :+1::+1:


Thanks GlassMD! We are trying, but really appreciate the input you folks can give us- there is no replacement for experience.


I like the first one better - i is less busy and easier on my eyes to read. But I think you need to clearly identify the window cleaning aspect. As a potential customer, I can’t easily tell what you do with windows - install? Repair? Clean? If you were going passing me in traffic it might be hard to figure out.