New from Las Veags


I’ve been following you all for several years on WC and several of you on YouTube.
I have been working sparingly for on my own time as I work as a teacher-Science, math and health. I put my notice in and this is my last week! I’m leaving the security of a decent retirement and steady hours but want the freedom and financial freedom (eventually…) of owning my own business.
I am so thankful for the words of wisdom and encouragement I see from you all here and look forward to my new career. I have SOOO much more to learn but look forward to thinking BIG and transitioning from this being my “job” to it being a company. If I’d create an account before my thread reading would be in the 5k+ range but I’m still looking for more info.


Welcome to the forum Ron.


A bunch of us will be at the ICE Expo in Las Vegas. You should come. It is primarily a carpet cleaner show but there will be window cleaner contractors and suppliers there. The education will shave years off your learning curve.


Thank you. I’m going to look at it immediately.


Welcome and good luck!