New Customer, Lots of Potential


This is the water stained window, 747K house. My biggest job. Five windows in pics are de- spotted. The rest need to be done…down the road.

Used CLR, BKF and blue pad…got the spots…about 30 min. work.


Nice job.

Btw, Where on earth is a house that size going for 747K? Just curious.


Some places house prices are just surprising. I often see $500K+ homes and think - really, for that? You know that real estate mantra, “location-location-location”.


That’s great! How did all the windows get spotted? Sprinkler system? If so, hopefully it was redirected.

Yes, location, location, location! Thats a million dollar plus home in my service area.


whats the property size. that range would get you a ton of house and land in our area

pretty house though


So true. I see homes similar to that in different areas I work. One may be $1 mill, another neighborhood may be $475K. Thing is you can buy a plot of dirt at 100’ x 100’ for $75k or you can buy a plot of dirt at 100’ x 100’ elsewhere for $400k. What is the true difference? Who’s your neighbor.



As Seth said did they redirect the sprinklers, did you seal the glass after removing the hard water staining?

If you didn’t and they didn’t redirect the sprinklers the spray from the sprinklers will be twice as bad when it comes to the hard water staining build up on the glass and harder to remove.

Nice house, time to market into their neighborhood.


He said in another thread she was spraying her glass with some hose attached cleaner crap.

I agree with @wcs. You need to seal the glass or it will be worse next time. Since I’m sure she isn’t gonna stop spraying that crap on the glass.


sealing it? How do you do that? If I wash indoor pool windows twice a month that get splashed all the time and had to do a ton of HWR the first time I washed them is sealing a good idea, or not really for regular cleans?


Sealing the glass it’s part of the proper process.

Just a heads up:
learn everything that you can about hard water stain removal and the right tools needed to effectively remove the staining in an efficient manner. It will be the most consuming part of your job.

I believe hard water removal is the most labor intense and time consuming thing in the Window Cleaning industry.

~that is my personal opinion and I can pretty much do it blind folded…


It is probably the view out of those windows that demands that price.
That is why it is so important to remove those spots. :wink:

Going on what I see in those pictures, that home may be waterfront.


Oh no. Mrs. Very Wealthy homeowner has used Windex and well water to do outsides, on the whole house.



Yeah…about that. I appreciate what you are saying. I did some study on this. I, at the time didn’t even think about the tinted windows. This particular house, owner said they have changed ALL the windows on this house twice. Can you say MONEY? These babies are really dark, as you can see on the Bay Windows, which he also had built on. The problem is, here, they don’t seem to want to give ME any money. I just slogged through the job to get it over with. The insides, POP, POP, POP…Beautiful results. I physically showed both of them the water spotting on bay windows. That’s when I “experimented” to see if I could DO SOMETHING. I honestly was surprised and pretty pleased with the results; the edges still are bad, even though I leaned into them also. These folks balked, huffed, and squawked about my price to clean the windows. Then she said, regarding the hose and Windex," What am I supposed to do when I need the windows cleaned?" I said, “Call Me!” Told them both it costs extra to remove staining. They said just clean them and leave the spots. I would want at least a grand, and 2 grand would be even better to do as you say, WCS. But they don’t want to fork out the money; even though a Mercedes and 20K mower sit in the garage. I gotta move on, this ain’t the one.


Yeah, they will fork out for the things they can own, like owning new windows, a Mercedes, a fancy mower, and those things lasts for years and bring bragging rights. Cleaning windows though is just a task, not property, and has to be done frequently. Of course, your livelihood doesn’t matter as much as the material things they can own. They were probably born into money, and taught from childhood to be selfish and greedy, so their mentality is not their fault. There are still people out there who will care about you as much as they care about their windows. Like you said, move on and you will find the right ones.

Guess I was wrong about the view. Can’t see 3/4 of a mil for that one.


1 Remember that when/if they call you next time, they will expect that HW removed for the same price as last time.
2 The HW staining will be harder to take off next time. Any time you remove HW stains, you need to seal the glass as part of the process or they dig in harder.

I realize you were doing something nice for them, but it probably will bite you on the butt in the future. I know they were going off about the price, but they paid it. This is how they probably are used to negotiating with others to get a price they want. If the issue really was they thought it was too much money, they never would have hired you.



bumpass montpelier

I am amazed at the difference people will pay just to look at the water.


Do you recommend a total kit for HW removal, or buy piece-meal. Is Mr. Hard Water quality stuff?


Depends on the situation, at to what will work best. I do have a Mr Hardwater kit minus his buffer (I have my own). I think his stuff is good, but pricey. I use Stone Pro’s stuff most of the time. Just as effective but costs less. This is for the lighter side of HW. Really bad, heavy stuff, you may want to pass on unless you want to get into grinding glass.

My sealer, I buy by the gallon. It’s a mop on, squeegee off product. Lasts about a year (protection).

If you buy the Mr Hardwater, be cautious using the larger particle stuff (dry, bagged). It can cause a noticeable haze on windows that get direct sunlight, as he says in his training videos.