New Client Requested That I Charge 600 More


That woman did you a HUGE favor and I’m not talking about the money!

She just gave you insight as to how your customer thinks, and what they expect to pay.

She also knows that you can’t run a business on that kind of money. Nobody can.

You have to remember, you aren’t providing yourself a job, you are running a sustainable business.

Good for you for her letting you raise the price. Few can say they’ve been so lucky.

They usually laugh at you and tell you you missed a spot…trust me I know.


this is a conversation about the first job we would be doing for another company in town who would like to use us for a lot more work.


I like you response. Stealing it.


Where i come from thats 80 windows


Proving my point or disproving?


we would be $920-1380 depending on what they look like up close and assuming you CAN do the outsides from the insides easily.


Didnt mean to cause any arguements here, I just wanted to throw myself into the ring of others with way more knowledge and expertise than I currently possess, and my fee-fees aren’t hurt, I see everything as constructive criticism. While I do respect the advice given, I did accept the job.

I’ll learn. I know I’m being a bit stubborn, but I want the experience, and I already know what I can provide with my work ethic and core values that I’m trying to carry over from my service.

If I can run through a minefield while PKMs, RPGs, and .556 rounds are buzzing by my ears, watch taliban combatants get their heads canoed, whatch brain matter fly on the wall like mud, and listen to Islamic prayers with a translator telling us theyre asking for strength from Allah to kill us on sunrise right outside of a mudhut Im sleeping in at 2400, then there is nothing to big for me.

I have a 2 million dollar liability and CCC coverage, and a smartphone to my disposal. I’m going to do the job, and I’ll do it well, and I’ll establish a relationship with someone who genuinely gave me an amazing opportunity. I was completely transparent, and yes, it does hurt to say that I don’t fully know the ropes of running a succesful business, but I wont back out of something that I already convinced myself to do, and I definitley dont want to squander the kindness this business owner gave me.

I’ll do it legally, ethically, and I’ll make my customer as happy as possible.


Heres a close up of one of the floor level windows.

The last job I did wasn’t as bad, but I know I can make em sparkle, streak and scratch free:

The other stories are no where near as bad as this, this was the worst I could find for the job.


Unger Ninja Scraper is the best.


Do you have a Scratch Waiver?


No, thanks for asking!

I’ll make one before I start, Monday!

At this point, I just want advice on how to conduct myself in the best way, paperwork and legality wise, I already sold the job, I just want to cover all my bases while I have the time to prepare.


it may take you forever and if you end up making $25 an hour to learn how to do a trade that’ll make you $100 an hour that’s better than paying to get an education


My exact thoughts. Most I made in a 9 to 5 is 15 an hour, so my standards are low at the moment.

I’ll increase my earnings as I take on more work.


At this stage of your skill development it is not fruitful to be overly concerned with your $ PMH. Just concentrate on learning how to learn and your WC skills will improve.

It is also commendable that you are secure enough to openly express your need for guidance. As Rumsfield said “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

CCU certainly is a hard environment to get a decent margin when you are a beginner but you are wise to consider it as getting paid to learn on the job.


Thanks HBM. I know I’m getting mixed responses, but I do like how mixed they are, and I don’t hold contempt for those nay-saying, but at the end of the day, I’m still going to do what I’m going to do.

No point in reiterating my thoughts, so I’m just going to say that I’m super excited to go to work, and I have NEVER felt like that before. My own work, my own hours, my own money.

I’ve worked 40 hours a week hating what I do, and now Im working 60 hours loving every step of the way


think of it this way, if you learn on ccu, every other “regular” window will seem like cake


Or pie


You’ll do well here I think


Do not ever price your jobs based on a promise or belief that someone will “give you more work”.

You are very likely to go back to the grocery store and buy milk and eggs - the grocer KNOWS this - he will not reduce the price of milk and eggs because you promise to come back and buy more!


Do you have high rise insurance? Anything over 3 stories is considered high rise by insurance companies.

CCU=2.5 to 3 times what your regular base charge is.