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Am new to the forum, but not to window cleaning. Am shy because of local competition. Plan on finding a niche and or customer following. Do have a DBA and planning to start an LLC. Did window cleaning in the 80’s. Now it seems my area is glutted with window cleaners. But…at 3 million people in a 50 mile radius, I have hopes of making a solid income and living. What I feel I have to offer is quality work, taking the time to work the glass. Slow? What about quality? I work for that glass isn’t even there look. I just dropped a grand on equipment. Still need ladders and a WFP later. For now I just want to get something going. Love this forum, glad I found it. Huge help. Hope to help out too down the road.


Welcome and good luck!


Welcome! I was personally very shy at first, trust me, this community is amazing and you will fit right in!
Best of luck,


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welcome !


3 welcome to the forum cat gifs in one day ! New record for me :joy::rofl::joy:



Hello and welcome to the forum! Lots of tips in forum threads about establishing market share.


Ya I think it’s enough to …buttercup! :wink:


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome! Great username shocked it was available :grinning:


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Hello. When I said I was shy, I was implying about where I am; because there is a boat load of competition in my metropolis. I resigned from a lousy job. But I have always loved window cleaning. Have been in a country farm home that had a indoor pool with glass roofing 30 feet above the pool. I had a route with twenty customers. I did a mansion with about 40 of the old style multi-panes with paint around and on every single pane. Thank you painters. But…that was all over twenty years ago. I got a used 24 ft. ladder this weekend at a garage sale for 50 bucks. Didn’t steal it, but beats 247 (gasp here) for a new one.
Did pound pavement today…for nothing…but a couple nibbles. Picking up business cards tomorrow after waiting 2 weeks for 2 day service. Thing is I need to make a go of this. This forum is a wealth of knowledge for a starter. I want to net 50k a year, but maybe it’s a pipe dream. So…thanks for reading this ramble.


Don’t let that deter you. I got two phone calls today that turned into two jobs from door hangers I put out about a month and half ago. Folks sometimes don’t make the decision right away. All the more reason to get more exposure every chance you get because of slow responders. :wink:


To be honest? Probably. Your market is saturated and you are starting fresh. All you can do is give it your best effort. Just be smart about it.


welcome! Nobody will judge you here, great place to be when your in the industry. Guidance, assistance, mutual respect and a good conversation is what your going to find here! Secret window cleaners code :laughing:


Unless you use the wrong soap. Or the wrong ladder. Or the wrong tools. Or listen to the wrong guy…


Welcome man. Good luck.
Wish my area was that populated O.O


Dang I don’t like you Jared :wink: , I was going to that same thing!


Haha true my friend. That’s the acception