New business cards


Got my new personal business cards from They do awesome work.


How did you choose a deer for your logo?


You have a lot of free space underneath were it says ceo, how come you didn’t blow up your number and email more to take up the space?


Wow a CEO that’s a new one for a window cleaning company, unless you have like 1000 staff and a board of directors you might wanna think about changing that, especially if you a 1 man show. How often does the CEO of a company come out do to the work?


It definitely is not a new thing. I got the idea from the Gleam Team CEO/Founder. Also, I am not a one man show. I appreciate your thoughtful insight. The title has nothing to do with trying to portray some sort of ego as it seems you might be insinuating, but rather it is simply a title. CEO/Founder happens to be a common title for business owners that one day want a fully automated company as opposed to those that want to own their own job. No,I don’t have 1000 staff and never intend to but I do one day have the vision of not being slave to my business.


I live in the hill country and the town I service is know by the residences for how many deer we have running literally down main st. And I also am a hunter!


I like them, very simple. People only care about one thing on a card and that is your name & phone number. Businesses around my area more often than not incorporate game animals, mountain ranges, flora of the Rocky Mountains into their name so it’s totally appropriate in your case.


Steve Jobs comes to mind.


Personally I think they look great. Maybe I would change a few things but overall its awesome. Your picture looks great and it shows customers you are clean cut and professional.


Didn’t he get kicked out of his own company because he was trying to run the company and work in it at the same time?


Personally, I’d rethink that for the next batch of cards. You may not mean to portray an ego thing, but I can see why others might think it so. Especially with your age and experience in the business, it could subtly send that message.

The average person may think you are overstating yourself and the real CEO’s that you hope to work for may not take you as seriously. Being in Texas, you can appreciate the phrase ‘all hat, no cattle’. Customers can sniff that stuff out usually.

Just my thoughts.


So you call apple you speak to Steve Jobs?

At the end of the day there are many different titles you can give yourself, but each gives off its own perception to the individual after reading the definition from Wikipedia I would say that it doesn’t best suit a “small family business”.


Think big, become big. Think small, stay small.

I get it, and I like it. I think your cards are pretty darn clean and professional.

Here is a question though. Do you pursue mostly commercial and residential, or do you mostly chase storefront?

My impression of you from the card, would be you pursue higher end clients. Your card projects you are more of a “premium” service provider.


IMO, it looks like a high quality card but it doesn’t look like you are selling window cleaning.

It looks more like a Christmas card. I agree with the CEO/Founder, my personal opinion is it sounds cheesy for a small service company.


The back reminds me of real estate.


I kind of see where you are going with the “weird” theme and the moose.

Don’t know if I would mix “weird” with “royal” but who knows, maybe you are on to something.

Sometimes things evolve on their own and acquire their own unique style.


Nice cards @royalpane830

Michael good choice of design and good choice to purchase from they have high quality products.


Every F ing Day.