New bldg, greasy windows, hot tips?


what hot tips have you found to expedite dealing with a new bldg where the glaziers did not use soap for the seals but something greasey instead?

the picture shows a finished dried window after using hog hair with dawn soap to prep


This might be a traditional construction clean, nose to glass and bunch of steel wool.


What method was used, traditional or WFP?




I would say the only way to use WFP is a hot water system to break it down.


Ya nose to glass , or maybe try some EBC downstream it on there rinse it off. Get a hold of the glaziers find out what they used . Either way that sux especially if it was something unseen. Hot water is not a bad idea I would try that too


I have dealt with this problem on new construction this spring. Used WFP and Krud Kutter on first pass- then rinsed and redid all the windows with WFP and didn’t use hot water. Worked really well.



I’m with @Majestic66 on this one. If you can call whoever the glaziers were then you’d know, and if you post back with an update I’d know too! I’d test it again with some TSP as well. How would you use hot water on it? Is there an addon for a system using only DI? If so I’d like to know about it for sure…


You can see the bleed is really bad from the rubber. You used dawn and it did not cut it. We have some water based solvents that may work and they can be used with the wfp brush.


@Bruce so what happened on this man?


this weekend . . .


yeah I’m working saturday too.


Its likely kerosene, I have seen old school glaziers use it all the time. Not sure why they use it, but it sure is a pita to clean off at times.


looks like there’s a ton of stuff it could be from this

added onsite or even pre lubed at factory


one side of bldg. only, obviously the messy glazier noob side

simple green nope

wiping oil flo kind of helped in test areas

in test area goof one pass and gone

so used xero bronze pad on carbon pole to get uppers and dipped in bucket of goof off

tag teamed it with wpole 1 window behind

looked great, but cloudy morning, sun came out, white mess everywhere even though we didn’t let the goof off dry on glass and it was the water soluable one

strip washer in straight simple green with wpole right behind looked awesome

then in sun could STILL see white messy areas

had an old school solid brush of hog hair only, that finally took off the last of it

that was the uppers, so on lowers we used strip washer with straight simple green and the hog hair wpole right behind and that finished it off (although my guy buffed the lowers problem areas with steel wool already so that was like a prep work for the finish up we did today)

I could still see a couple areas with bleed back still happening, but compared to how it was it was negligible

future services will be hog hair only brush (not unger, the spreading of bristles creates other issues)

a couple more passes and it will be totally gone

what a pain for sure!


What a nightmare! At least you got it licked tho.


Great news and good learning for all