Never Do Work For National Maintenance Companies


My issue with them wasn’t payment. They were quick with if I recall correctly. I just find it annoying that they send me quote request for stores that 2 hours+ out of my service area and it’s usually they need the quote within 4 days.


And not willing pay a fair rate for all of that travel time. As if there is no other customers on the schedule too. We need to fill whole weeks in ahead of time or suffer with those open spots when no one calls.


we inherited a storefront job from the business we bought, when we contaxted them to know that the company had changed they wanted us to call in and out and be added to our insurance. for a $25 monthly. we passed.

the only other time we’ve done work for one was a BevMo and when she gave us all the hoops we had to jump through we said, sorry, it’s not worth it. She replied “well we can skip all that this time of you can just get it done” so we did it and got a check only a few days later.


THAT is a beautiful analogy.


My wife is the lawyer, not me, but what I know is this:

Collusion is basically when two or more businesses work together to
alienate a third party and that action causes him financial harm. I think
it is considered an antitrust issue, I believe that it can be a civil
problem too I think the idea behind the laws it that it is suppose to help
to keep the market “free” so groups ban together and take unfair advantage
of the newbie. The Federal Trade Commission is responsible to handle the
big cases, but the Attorney General can bring a case against small business
on the State level, if it really wanted to and only if there was a
complaint. Without a complaint they simply don’t act.

Blacks Law Dictionary calls Tacit Collusion “a strategy where two or more
companies agree on a policy that is not put into writing.” There is an
intent to deceive and harm a third party.

I don’t know the history of the laws, but it would make for google
search. I’m sure there is a lot more to collusion than I am aware of. And
it is probably never going to happen, but it is always safer to stay on the
right side of the law, and to prevent potential loss.

Hope that helps.


I don’t think a janitorial firm would ever spend the money or have the resources to ever follow through on any action in something like this. Not only that but in any given market, you’re only going to have a couple of guys that can fully meet the insurance requirements. In my market there’s only 2 of us I’m about 95% sure. It’s not going to be rocket science for us to figure out that working with that company is stupid. No need to even talk to the other company.


It’s what Japanese people call the process of metal turning to rust.


IF everyone would quit taking the jobs from the companies they would go away a lot faster. I used to do them but quit about 15 years ago…cheap pricing delays in gettin paid etc.


Chase Bank signage was some of the easiest money I ever made


Was an easy 20k