These windows are a very old, old resort built back in 1920. The manager called and asked for a quote to clean the exterior windows; turns out there is no water source for the WFP so looks like it would be all ladder work. 36 windows plus the one large window. Those leaded windows are all individual pieces of glass with staining on many of them from the lead separators. I’m not offering a restore, just clean the surface and hope none are loose!! If I get the job, which will be bid fairly high, I will stop immediately if any prove to be loose.

Any thoughts on tough job like this?


This might be a good time to invest in a water tank, pump, and flow controller and use a WFP, assuming all those leaded glass windows are in decent shape.

Doing those by hand is going to be a pain. If that’s the way you have to do it I would have lots of towels on hand and use a spray cleaner.


I did some glass similar to this today, and use a 5 in channel to remove most of the solution and then detail the rest, though with the really small panes you may be best off to use a towel and spray or use a wet and dry rag system. Mine was a maint clean so take this with a grain of salt, but I was able to do a little over 100 on one side in about 20 minutes, so I would double that for a first clean. I would think .50 side should do it, .75 for the bigger panes? That would be my bid I think anyway. I also wfp the outside of them and though some leaked in it took me about 5 minutes. Massive time saver, and much easier than normal French panes in my limited experience with leaded glass. Too bad there is no connection!


“we do not clean leaded windows”


Hook up to a faucet inside?


Same here…if no tank / pump / wfp then a whole boat load of towels. Maybe even some SprayAway to polish them off.


Yes, that is my thoughts as well; ladder, foam cleaner, and towels with difficult ladder sets on the one side because of vegetation, vine like roots, and uneven ground. I bid it high because of that and he thanked me for getting back to him so quickly. No way would I do that job on the cheap side.
Meanwhile this time of year my calendar is filling up.


No way - the only nearby entry is through the main lobby where very well to do customers would have to step over a hose that would need to be a couple hundred feet long; wouldn’t fly.


Looks like the Don Cesar!