Need Some Help from Anyone who has experienced Fabricating Debris damages


I am in the process of being held liable for 34,000.00 worth of scratched glass. I am meeting for the second time tomorrow to try to convince them to help me go after the manufacturer of the glass and not just hand me the bill for all the glass. As they are not covering it, (Care Custody and Control : a whole different issue but at least ask your insurance provider if you’re covered)
What I need from you all out there is if anyone has ever takin the manufacturers to court over bad glass, and if so any documentation of the outcome or if the glass manufacturer settled out of court any documentation.
I know this is a lot to ask but we are really in a bad spot right now with all this insurance denial BS that is happening.



Has Dan ever beeninvolved in a suit against a manufacturer involving excessive fabricating debris?


I hope this turns out well for you. I’ll be following this do keep us updated if you can.

And I have to ask, did you have a signed waiver in place before cleaning the glass?


I don’t know but hasn’t he gotten a lot of window cleaners off the hook? I’d definitely call him.


Im so sorry that your going through this. I don’t have anything for you, but have you contacted Dan Fields? He works as an expert witness at trials (or I think he used to)…Contact him if you already haven’t.
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Let us know how it turns out.


I saw the conversation with Dan on MWCoA a couple weeks ago…


From a previous thread

Wow that is alot of time per pane! That is very helpful in my decision to replace or repair. There are time constraints that would not allow that kind of time to buff out those scratches. I contacted Fields Construction and my attorney to start the process of finding out if it's bad glass after it is removed. Thanks for your help on this everyone. 

So I guess doug allready contacted him


If things turn sour maybe get a scratch glass repair kit and clean up all the glass. A couple of grand is a lot better then 34,000.


Maybe Mistersqueegee should just head out there and do the job? Seriously.

Like you said, it would be cheaper than replacement.

If I had a GR system and knew what I was doing-- I would do it.


I’d be happy to help in any way I can but I think there are time constraints involved if I’m not mistaken. If I’m wrong just let me know and I’ll do what I can.


Glass has already been replaced due to time constraints. I am in custody of all the bad glass and will in time get all the scratches out and either put an addition on our office or glass the whole thing in,or maybe try to sell it. Well it doesnt look like there are any cases won out there that I can see at this point. I will just come armed with all the info I can find on the issue to the meeting. Thanks for the help and suggestions though.


You could also get a electronic microscope for your laptop and be able to see the scratches which will let you determine if there is still FD on the glass. This can go a long way to fighting this thing. Something like this one might work - Cobra Digital CBD-DPS2100 - 200X Digital Microscope Scanner


That’s just cool man.

Even if you didn’t use it to get your butt out of a $34,000 jam. I’m a tech-nerd so I could could find all sorts of cool things to do with that;)


I know we’re not lawyers, but how does one fight a situation such as this – the window cleaner is not the party who originally purchased the glass?

One should put in an insurance claim, yes? The insurance company is obligated to fight, perhaps?


Any video or pics taken w/ this can be utilized by his insurance company or a lawyer to aid in the fight.


Yeah, I get the whole evidence thing alright.

I guess I’m just not sure about who’s suing here. If Doug has already replaced the glass, and he’s not part of the original sales transaction, then what? Sue the manufacturer? On what basis?

And it’s not really this case that matters to me, but the process and precedent.


As other replies have stated, you should contact Dan Fields. He’s an expert in this area and has a lot of info on defending window cleaners against these types of claims.


It’s possible that Doug hasn’t already replaced the glass but instead the contractor did and now wants to sue Doug for the cost of replacement. Thus the need for Doug to defend himself.


Ordered this yesterday. We’ll see if the tech nerd in me still exists or not. Would be nice to see for myself.


keep on fighting and keep us updated. I and I know others r extreemly interested in the out come.