Need some advice


So Spring is around the corner where I live. It’s getting warmer and brighter so it’s time to market and book some jobs. This is going to be my first year in the business. I know window cleaning very well since I’ve been working in New York for roughly the past 5 years. I know it really well, I would consider myself close to an expert. I know it from the employees side but not the owners side so this will be my first year.

I’m 21 and still go to college but I also want to build a business and be an entrepreneur. That’s where I ultimately want to go. My question boils down to the “Spring Special.” I want to distribute Flyers next week at the start of April 2. I am leaning on going door to door with flyers that I will make today and offer my services. Basically go to 100 houses on Monday - Friday. So 500 flyers in total throughout the week. Ring on the doorbell and talk to the owner / owners and sell myself. I have a somewhat general understanding of sales because I booked 2 storefront jobs and some other jobs I might have so I feel like this would be a great lesson to learn in sales.

Has anyone done this before? Going door to door and selling your window cleaning services? Talking (selling) and then handing them out your flyer? I have time because I’m in the beginning stages so I feel that I can bang out 100 houses a day and then repeat in 3 weeks time to other towns. My mom gave me this idea funny enough and said “you’re still young so they might be more likely to book a job with you.”

Also, any tips on what to include in the Flyers?



First, make sure you legally CAN solicit. In some places it’s illegal.

Secondly, by and large, knocking on doors will get more people mad at you then it will win sales. You may experience the opposite. You can always leave then in the door, IF it’s legal.

Other alternatives are using their newspaper box or punching a hole and using a rubber band to hang them off the flag of the mailbox.

Sometimes less (intruding into their day) is more. People are more busy today and don’t interact face to face as much.


People go door to door. I hate it for residential. I hate when salespeople come to my home. It’s my home, not a place of business BUT it works for some. Personally, I’ll never do it. Others will. It’s all up to you brotha.


I agree. I can’t stand when people come ring my doorbell so I can’t bring myself to do it. I have had some results leaving them in the paper box but it can be up and down. Plus it is really hard to find neighborhoods these days that don’t have large no solicitation signs at the entrances. I know people still do it but I don’t.


If you are knocking doors on weekdays, then expect few answers, unless you are in an older neighbor hood with a lot of retired people living there, because most people will be at work. Great way to distribute the flyers though if you want to just leave in the door. If you want to actually talk to people face to face to deliver your sales pitch, then your best bet is on weekends. However, a lot of people sleep in, so if you start before 10 or 11 am then you may encounter a few grumpy people that will be nasty. Watch our for those “No Soliciting” signs too, because sometimes they are a tiny little strip of paper near the doorbell that are easy to overlook. Nothing worse than ringing the bell and then noticing the no soliciting sign as they are coming to the door. :blush:

Some people don’t like having people knocking their door, but others appreciate it if they happen to be thinking of having your service performed at their house. They appreciate the free estimate, but they are few and far between. However, when you do hit one, then it’s pay dirt. So, knocking doors is like panning for gold. Most of the time all you get is sore muscles, but sometimes you hit the motherload. Knocking doors may not be the best way to find work, but it is better than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

Oh yeah, it is not just the No Soliciting signs you have to watch out for. Some whole towns/cities do not allow soliciting (Vienna VA for example).


First, never get involved in a land war in Asia

Second, never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Third, door to door is a huge time suck. EDDM or Craigslist might be better, but are you opposed to just going out and getting storefront? Get the storefront and let everyone you meet know that you also do houses.