Need Hydropower empty bags


Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know where I can get the black bags that Unger sells the resin in for its Hydropower DI tanks? I would much rather just buy resin and put it in my own bags.

I tried buying cheesecloth bags, but it didn’t work.

Any ideas?

Using Loose Resin in the Unger nLite

I was going to try pantyhose…


You can actually just use loose resin in the system.


We tried that, but resin was coming out of our WFP hose through the brush and on to the glass!


Hey Brian, I have something for you, let me dig it out of the shed :slight_smile:


Also, there is a very fine seive filter in the Hydropower tanks. Maybe there’s a crack or whole in yours?


With loose resin this has happened to us a few times. Check the filter screen screws. They come loose sometimes.


Can you empty then reuse the unger bags?


I don’t see why not. Just cut off the zip tie and put a new one. The bags might wear out after a few uses.


Yes, that is what has happened. Most of the bags we bought have worn out, and have worn holes near the opening so that I can’t reuse them.


So what is the benefit of using a hydropower over a standard DI tank, its half the size of my DI tank so in theroy would last half as long.

If you really wanted to buy the mesh and make your own bags put a zipper on them to be reusable.
Here is 1 site I found that sells different gauges of mesh with holes as small as 0.0026 of an inch, which would certainly be overkill.


Just get new pre-filled Unger bags. With RO up front they last ages -


Takes a bit to do but an option…


I was doing just that with the bags last year, but refilling the bags to have the right amount in was tough, often there would be not enough and give me wonky tds reading, now I skipped the bags and dump loose resin into my unger hydropower and it works perfectly for me, no resin coming out on the glass, like someone else said you might have a bad top screen, or loose fitting somewhere?


That’s what I use the mid section of full length