Need Help! Residential Question!


How would you go about cleaning the inside? What type of ladder should I purchase to complete this job? Also, how much would you bid this job?

Please disregard the Red Circle around the windows at the bottom left.


A set of stacks would be ideal. 3-4 pieces. Or a 12ft a frame or LG style ladder could get you there as well. Are those true french pane or grids between glass?


The lowers for sure are true divided.

Ladder type depends on your budget and availability.

I’d use piece ladders but easily could be done even with an extension if needed.


24’ extension…or stacks…pole the uppers if they are not true divides.


Thank you guys for the response! I landed the job and they paid 260$ for in and out


Those are easier then you think. I use a 20ft or 24 ft ladder and lean it on the left wall as high as possible to clean half moon. I’m 6”5 so I would have the reach. If not do half that way then setup ladder to the right of the windows and do other half.