NEED HELP I scratched a customers tint


So I was doing a cleaning the other day and stupidly used steelwhool on the wind and it had tint. The scratchs are pretty bad and at eye level. She said not to worry about it but called me back 3 days later and wants me to do something with it. Any ideas what I can do besides replace the whole window tint? Thanks in advance


…replace the whole window tint and be done with it. Gotta put it back to as good as or better than before the damage.


Ya it can’t be fixed. Call a local tinting company. Or buy some good film and do out your self. Its not that hard. Especially if it’s just one rectangular frame. You tube prob has some good vids. Personally I would just call someone. It shouldn’t be Anymore than their minimum.


If its side by side with another you may need to fo both to match.


excellent point. definitely will see the difference


Did that once with a razor. Felt something on the glass, wouldn’t come off with rubbing so I whipped out a razor not realizing it was tint…Wasted time and money trying to replace it myself.
Paid 150 to have it done well.


Is this not something you could have covered by insurance if you have it?


^^ This.


Have a professional tinting company do the job.

Peace of mind for customer and yourself out ways the cost.

Its more cost effective to pay out pocket on small things like this.


most insurance deductibles are $500

you can always get higher deductible too lower your insurance bill.

you usually don’t want too go through insurance for a claim if the cost is low. just pay out of pocket and it will keep your premiums down. some still go through insurance but that’ll raise premiums in most cases


Yeah, that’s a good point. I’m only 19 (20 soon) and am insured but an still kinda clueless about it, hehe. Thankfully I’ve never needed my insurance… Yet… :wink:


I have cut tint before with my “1 razor blade. It was a huge solid glass door. Cost me $200 or so to have a professional come out and replace it. I never did that again.


Don’t be, learn and understand what your policy covers and doesn’t cover.

Age is no excuse.

Your working in and on peoples personal property /business property you are responsible, so understand your business.

I just don’t want to see or here sometime down the road here, “man if only I understood what was covered”

Just trying to help.


Your a quick learner Chad! :wink:


You’re very right. I’ll speak with my insurer as soon as possible. Thank you. I know my age isn’t indicative of what I can or should know, I’ll get on the ball. And thanks for the lock in the pants, I needed it and I’m a little embarrassed. :confused:


Thats a great idea get a copy of your policy so you can look it over yourself.

You’ll do just fine, learn every thing you can about the industry your in.

You got this!


$150 fixed my brain fart years ago.


We just had to have a garage door painted because it had a bad reaction when we cleaned the roof. Sucks to realize it when it happens, but it will just eat at you till its resolved. Trust me its worth the peace of mind to have a pro come in and fix the mistake. Plus the customers feel taken care of.


i have nicked tint twice this way, the second time i could have sworn there was no tint, it felt like glass. all it was was 1 tiny line and the customer had a hard time seeing it even when i pointed it out so they said don’t worry about it.


I have done the same thing. I almost prefer doing windows after someone has done a poor job of tinting the windows so I can see some bubbles or the edge of the tint. Lol