Need a better scraper holder


Most of the time I use a Triumph Z-40 retractable. I used to just drop it into my tool belt upside down. Then I bought a Scrapermate. I like the way it frees up my belt loops, but my scraper keeps getting ripped out by bushes; and when I use a non-retractable scraper, the blade snags on the plastic, keeping it from going in very smoothly. (I love the design, but it needs a metal body)

What are some other good scraper holders for Triumph scrapers? Is the only other option the holster? That looks like it might be a good item. I don’t see any others that don’t require a cover.



Personally I just use hammer loops though.

Available Here


Thanks, Chris. I just found it . . . probably as you were posting. It’s about twice as much as the. Have you used the?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of CCU lately, and I like the non-retractables but I hate dealing with the two-handed covers.


I have not used the… A friend of mine does and he likes it very much.


I wouldn’t mention if I were you. LOL :smiley:


Haha, yea I forgot.


Hey man I wont knock the guys quality… he makes good stuff.


I use a belt loop for my Triumph MK2.

My Unger pliable-webbing belt done busted a couple months ago after many years. I hate the Unger new style, stiff nylon belt (had one as a backup for a couple years.) It’s not as comfortable, and the loop sizes have changed. I used to flip the Unger upside-down so that the two loops were on my left side – scraper in one and detail squeegee in the other.

After trying a pliable-webbing belt and hammer loop for a while, I broke out the pliable-webbing belt I purchased a few years ago from Tom at. It has three loops – the one in back is covered by my Unger ErgoTec large pouch and the other two are on my left side. One is a little too large and the other a little too small, but once again I use them for my Triumph scraper and 6" detailing squeegee.

I think I’ll just make a replica of my old Unger…


This is exactly what I’ve done. I have the 3 loops at the front. Triumph retractable at the front left, small squeegee on right & my scrim in the middle. The boab goes to the right behind the loop for the 6"er.


I’ve been using the triumph holster for a few months. It works all right but the snap is a bit slow to do. I really like the scrapermate but I have broken three of them. All broke right below the metal clip thing within a month of using them. Due to the cost to replace the scrapermates I won’t be getting anymore.


Hate to say it but the Scraper holder is the way to go.
Fast, easy in-an-out and doesn’t fall out or get dragged out by bushes.


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Does the o use a velcro strap to secure the scraper?


The two that I have do utilize velcro (hook-and-latch.)


Thanks Larry.


Yes, it has a velcro strap that I rarely ever use.
A Triumph angled scraper just hangs in there very well until I need it.