Natural disasters


Im over here in los angeles,CA and the fires are horrible by me, it looks like the apocalypse with the sky being all red. The smoke has been thick amd dangerous to do physical activities outdoors. How many of you are still doing your storefront route with these kinds of condition?i cancelled a resi for tomorrow bc all the ash


Sorry to hear about those wild fires. Hope you and your family are safe.


Man, sorry you have to deal with that. I can’t say I know what it’s like but my town had a landfill fire that took several days to put out. I did one job too close and it made me sick.


Yeah with that much ash, it would probably be better to skip. If your pocketbook can handle that.


Note to business owners: try and build up an emergency fund (personal and business). Natural disasters happen. Unnatural disasters also happen. Meth-ican Americans can steal your gear.

If you have a couple months worth of expenses saved up, it’ll help you get through stuff.


Thanks everyone for the positive vibes, luckily they have been able to contain the fires. The air is less smokey now and is should be easier to clean in