National Price


someone asked him why his price went down. since i had posted the picture that included his $22 price i wanted to show the original question and his original answer because the first question asked for prices with and without screens and tracks. his without tracks price was a lot closer to his current price.


For the record I wasn’t feeling like I was getting beat on. Especially coming from you man, I’ve known you on this forum for many years and believe you and I got nothing but respect for each other…I didn’t take it other than face value…

Maybe cuz I got torn up a few times a few months ago is why it was said by Alex? Thanks for that by the way.

Yeah, its getting pretty bad over here for sure. I don’t live in California tho, I can’t afford it. I live in Tijuana Mexico. It has its own drama right now with people from southern countries collapsing trying to hit the US.

They’ve shut down the border a few times now, and the wait times are sometimes laughable.

You have to wake up at 2:45/3am just to make it to your 8 or 9am job!

Thats no exaduration. If you get up at 5am you’ll not cross the border until about 8 or 830 if your very lucky. If you happen to get secondary inspection? Push that til noon maybe.

Thats not on the daily but Mondays and Tuesdays yes it is, and friday, and Sunday as well. Thats a definite.

I’d love to move back. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve lost because of this issue.

I’ve been awarded the contract for the two new buildings for homeland security at the san ysidro port of entry, and I was supposed to start mid January…then the shut down.

Now I’m supposed to take off on it 3rd week this month, but on the 15th we find out if the gov gets shut down again.

I’m being subbed from the janitorial outfit that has the contract. My terms are payment on completion. I can’t wait for government leaders to figure out if or when I get paid-and yes it does fall under that umbrella, I asked.

All I know, is that the news is claiming that money is flowing from the mountaintops, I must be blind cuz I don’t see that at all. I see a powder keg with bugs bunny ready to light a match!

See its not that I decided to stay and fight. I got no choice. I have to fight.


That’s hard to compete with , looks like the market in San Diego got more saturated than what it was years ago . I know there’s lots of work there , but looks like more guys are driving the prices down .


$16 in Vegas !


It’s cut throat.


12.50 Las Vegas
but since @GenaroGuzman and @sedemente listed their LV prices I’ll drop to 5.25 and throw in mirrors, chandeliers, wash dishes on Thursday and tickets to the Raiders… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: btw, @sedemente thanks for the talking with me a few months ago. you’re a stand up gentleman.


It just hit me that I listed my total price wrong because I didnt include tracks. No one around here ever asks for them so I didnt even think to inculde them! My first post has been corrected.


I’ve never had someone not request I at least dust and vacuum the tracks.


Really? I would have to explain what tracks are. Most here quit opening their windows back when air conditioning became standard in all houses.


Very few people open their windows here too.


It seems tracks are regional, where I live I wouldn’t get away with not doing it as the climate is warm with sea breezes, I have never had a customer ask me not to do the tracks almost every customer will ask during quote if I do the tracks.
BTW my price is the same as last year @ $13 inc screen and tracks, but with that being said most of the houses I clean only have a double slider like in the pic on a few windows while the rest will be like this

4%20slider 6%20slider
top pic would be $23 bottom pic $36 (with screens).
Almost all the other windows cleaners in my area charge by how many bedroom house it is, I am sometimes double their quotes and still get the jobs.


Its area specific as Steve said. I have had one customer in sc that requests tracks, and every time i offer it no one takes me up on it. In FL where I grew up, I believe tracks are just expected. Its odd how different areas can be. Most people in my area dont care about windows like I read that people in other areas do. Even an hour and a half from me in Charleston they seem to care more and have their windows cleaned more. Dont get me wrong, I have some great customers with plenty of room to expand, but I could tell a few stories where the lack of care for the glass just blows my mind. For example, to my knowledge there is not one hotel or appartment building that had their windows cleaned after the new build clean in my area. They just have the building pressure washed. For the hotels and appartment buildings I tried to sell I had multipule people tell me that I was the first person to offer window cleaning to them, and that is in the state capitol with 750k worth of people in the surrounding area! Stopping now before I go off on people being ok with their glass being scratched to death on the CCU…