National Price


Lexington, Ky. - 12-14.00


Out of 12 respondents that averages out to $15.46.


this was last years survey


it was $13.80 from last years survey


I’m still at 13.


San Diego California


Don’t laugh, I’m hungry.


Living in Cali - you’ll stay hungry.

You need to move on over to TX with the rest of the migrating Californians!


Last year was $22 for you. What changed?

I’m in a large metropolitan area and am at $15-$25 for a simple DH or slider set depending on level of cleaning.


$10.00 in NC…sounds like me and my competitors in Moore county need to raise our prices. I started at $9. Higher than the comp and just didn’t think it was worth it with screens so we bumped it up to $10


Where you at in Central NC? I’m in Moore County in the Southern Pines area…where people have $$ but they like CHEAP


I didn’t used to charge for screens and tracks, that was always included - well, it is still included in the price I give, but I mean I didn’t used to figure that in additionally to the overall price. Then I started charging $1.50 for tracks and dry brushing screens with an occasional few really dirty ones I would scrub with soap and water, but often times those were more work and time consuming than the window itself. Soon after that I started charging $3 for screens and almost always scrubbed them with soap and water, until I got my screen washer. Then a few years ago all tracks $2, screens $3, basic window $5 = $15 in/out; first cleans (+$2) that often require a bit more work, $17 in/out.


Screens are definitely time consuming. We clean screens by collecting all and staging them in the driveway, soap and water scrub, rinse and dry. Tracks could take just as long to clean as the window. That’s why on a 50 pane house we charge $100 for screen cleaning and $100 for track cleaning. Don’t be afraid to raise your prices on screens and tracks. We also charge a premium for window well windows, security doors with glass and garage door windows


$12 to 14 San Diego


Honestly? When I seen that my first reaction was “why was I lying?”

But it really was. Problem is, that may have been my price then, and no lie, it was probably a little more 6 or 7 years ago…that may have been what I was TRYING to charge, cuz I couldn’t get that now, no way.

Too many guys that will do it for 5 or 6 bucks per window with tracks and screens included!

Thats the truth.

I seem to be landing much more with being just a little more than most but it ain’t happening being the most expensive.

Thanks groupon!

I used to charge between 5 to 8 bucks per track if they weren’t maintained. Couldn’t do that today and still be able to pay bills.



And what is your point? Circumstances change. Take it easy on Tory.


No kidding, right? He’s being honest, which is a rarity on the internet.

I also wonder if Cali is experiencing a “market correction” of sorts. At least in certain areas. Whereas the market used to allow you to charge whatever you wanted because everyone was making great money, maybe now that’s not so much the case.

I’ve referenced before about the number of California residents moving to Texas. It’s a crazy amount. And it’s cool, we love having them (and the businesses they bring or their retirement/pensions as well). They’re not here for the scenery. Many have commented on the high taxation as well as unsustainable cost of living they are leaving behind. One customer told me he retired, sold his house in SoCal and moved to our area. Half of the money from his house bought him a nice lakeside house in a gated community. The rest is in his pockets.

Point is, Tory may be in a correction that is painful but necessary. The state, from media accounts, needs this correction as well - tax wise, regulation wise, etc. For businesses in the middle of it, it’s fight or flight. I think Tory has chosen to fight. Fair dues to him.


were you replying to me?


Yeah, for some reason the little icon didn’t come up as a reply to you. Just wondering what point you were trying to make. At first blush, it appeared you were ‘calling out’ Tory in some way.


I thought I knew the discrepancy in Tory’s response, but I didn’t want to assume, which is why I asked he question. I’m glad @leavingnc put that up because it now makes sense. I didn’t think anyone was going hard on Tory at all.