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so i think i did this last year but i’m curious to see if it’s changed much.

state your:

state (city is optional)
$ price for this window Inside and out, screen washed, track cleaned. (assume you don’t need a ladder to clean it)


Redding CA
IOST $16


No flat rate! Is it cleaned on a 4-foot step ladder or with a water fed pole/extension ladder. Is the track a wipe with a microfiber or is it a vacuuming out and scrub brush. But to play along easily that would 17 one story and 19 2 story. $2 for the screen $3 for the track $6 per pane one story $7 per pane two story.


Around $12 here in Vegas


sorry, i should have stated 1st floor, i’ll go edit that


you didn’t state your state


7$ a house window, Tracks, Screens, ledge, Florida central, one story only.




that’s inside and out screen washed and tracks cleaned?


$18 for in/out/screen/tracks here in Arizona


In/out, tracks, screen, first clean = $17, Florida.


$15.5-16.5 (depends on condition of tracks) in out, screen (3.5 for screen), sill always included. 2-3 for tracks if requested, but no one cares, just like last year…I did raise my price right after last year’s thread and it went well.


$15 I/O with a brush of the screens and quick wipe of the track.
Run the screen through the Aztec = $4 extra.
Northern NJ


$ 9.50 South Central Ohio


so far it seems like prices are higher


In & Out, Screen, Tracks, Sills - $16 + tax

I think it’d be an important piece of info for people to put in their closing rate. I could start pricing this window at $90 to clean… but will I close any jobs?


i havn’t tracked it but my impression is that in spring and fall our close rate is close to 90% and in winter and summer it’s closer to 70%


$12.50 give or take in central NC



A house with a lanai 2000-2500 sq foot home goes for around 230.00 with about 34 windows In and out tracks and screens cleaned with a window mop.

A job like that will take 2.5 to 3 hours solo.


Denver $18