My Samurai Interview


Really weird being on camera, but Kevin is a cool dude. I met him a few years ago and his channel has a lot of great information and he’s the only one I’ve seen that has videos on glass restoration.

But when I showed him the Samurai, he got crazy excited and wanted to do an interview. So here goes.


Thanks for the smile…

I’m proud of you!!


Thanks man. Really weird to be on the big screen… With all the cat videos.


I enjoyed that Jared. You shouldn’t shy away from the camera. You do very well with it.


We’ve been talking for years and I just saw your smiling face for the first time about a month ago. Great interview Jared!


How far to release now?

I’d like Moerman Liquidator blue. Goes with my current black/teal uniform. Really looking forward to seeing this BOAB.


We’re shooting for early April. My mold is off for heat treating which is 2 weeks but I’ve got other things to put in place so hopefully early April.

I’m going to release black first and then do a poll here and on facebook to determine the next color. There’s several blues that I like so that might be the second color. Then probably red, then green last.


Some of my customers that choose the Pulex blue bucket do so simply because it matches their company colours so you gotta do this one at some point.


Yeah, I like the Pulex blue (aka Royal Blue). That would be my choice as well.


My hip gets wet all the time with my current BOAB (Pulex). It stains my good work trousers. Looking forward to something that eliminates that problem. That’s going to be a big selling point on it’s own.


I’m looking forward to the samurai @JaredAI.


Darker trousers. Problem eliminated :wink:


Man even I was surprised at the no wet leg and I designed it! I did a big commercial job and at the end the samurai did what it was supposed to do.


There should be a new and exciting w/cleaning product come out at least every 2 years!

I want 2 of them Samurais when they come out…


Thanks man. I’ve got ideas, so many ideas, BUT one thing at a time. It’s all I can afford.


So we don’t even get to see a picture of this thing yet? Is it because it is not patent yet, even though you are going to start selling it next month? Got to see how it compares to the other one that is getting released next month also to see what one is better to pre order.


Naw, we’re not going to release the details until it’s ready to order. As soon as I get them, WCR will get them and they’ll be ready to go out.

We’re looking at retailing $49.99.


I paid $19 for my Ettore Sidekicks, whuch I have zero issues with. Some of my employees prefer the pulex for $22 because the slots just a little bit bigger and that works for them.

Samurai will be like double?


I am guessing all the start up costs are a lot more now a days than when those big companies did there R&D and prototypes and stuff. Plus they probably have many 1000’s made at a time, and the new one coming out will not having the funds probably to order so many in mass to get huge discounts. I just think all the cost of things are more these days to do things and we all got to adjust. I mean 50 houses $1 a house pays for a super cool bucket that will probably be way better than the others. I think I use the blue Pulex one now with 3 squeegee slots and have the Ettore also in the tool box, but I never use it because I find it to small for my sleeves and makes to much water run out the container.


It’ll accommodate the ninja and widebody channels up to 36" without issue. It’ll allow you to use larger mops. The belt strap will be adjustable in height.

Oh, and it will come with the (super proprietary) ability to have 3 different configurations.