My pricing, thoughts?


Hey guys so I will come out and tell you exactly what I am using for my pricing. Would love to hear your thoughts. So far it’s good but just want to see your general reaction to this pricing.

I am out of Ontario Canada

Commercial pricing
5.50 a pane for exterior
8.50 a pane for interior and exterior

For windows that are massive we will charge that window as if it were two. Rare that we do that but it’s there

Pressure washing - 120 an hour

For residential we go off the size of the house

Small house 120 exterior, 250 interior exterior and sills

Medium house is 150 and 300

Large house is 175 and 350

Let me know what you think! I have considered doing per pane for residential but it’s just so Damn easy to look at a house and say yup this looks like our medium house price etc etc

Its the commercial I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts


what defines small, med, large?


are you defining storefront as commercial, or do you actually mean commercial?


Not storefronts I’m talking buildings here. Commercial up to four stories. I try and stay away from storefronts. I just have never been interested in them. Seems like you need to get five or six clients in one plaza and you can be undercut pretty easy… How do you collect payment when your only charging 20 bucks a cleaning. Just confuses me a bit although I know a lot of guys make a living off of them.


I don’t do a small medium or large. I do one window pane price, it averages out I find. Yes some window panes are tiny but some are larger then you would see in a residential home. Only time we charge x2 is if there is a massive window, maybe 4 feet by 8 feet type of thing. They are rare.


I’d think about increasing your commercial in/out to $11 and adding $1/pane exterior for each story.


I would personally use per pane pricing on residential rather than S M L, I have large houses with $1000 worth of work to be done.

For commercial its more about man hours than panes you don’t want to be counting elventy billion windows. You want to price for a lift then do it with a WFP if you can get away with it, you never want to price for pole time then find out you need to get nose to glass


Interesting! See this is literally what I have come up with… Very open to changing it. You hear so many YouTubers say commercial is cut throat so I honestly even thought that 5.50 might be steep… I do like that idea in regards to height. I know that for residential I give the client a bit of a break on getting both done. But maybe commercial can be different.


Interesting but quoting for a lift and then never using one… Would that not drive a property manager nuts paying for something that never showed up on the job site?


My mane thing is wanting to know if my pricing is too high or too low. I know it vary from town to town but what are some of you charging in your countries and city’s?


You need to get input from Canadian companies. We don’t have your tax rate nor your cost of living. We don’t even have your currency.

To get input from people in foreign countries is an exercise in futility. Talk to others in your market and you will get better advise.


I mentioned in my post I’m from Canada hoping maybe someone from around here would comment.


Maybe put Canadian pricing in the heading. You might have guys skipping over the whole thread thinking it’s just another pricing thread.

Just a thought to help you maximize responses.


most residential windows are fairly easy to access, commercial can have a lot more obstacles


I charge on a per project cost for residential. I want to make a certain amount per hour so I keep my pricing in that range. The hard part is when you don’t see the 25 windows on the back of the house with screens on each one.

I have seen some of the videos where a house is 600 or 700. That type of pricing would not work in this area.


I was referring to small, medium and large houses…those labels don’t mean much to me without sq footage…


Also house sizes you are referring to as S,M,L might be considered as much smaller or bigger to others, no way one can define the size like that ie. without giving sq. feet .


Why is that?


Because he doesn’t BELIEVE it can… :wink:


That is too bad. Today’s $900 job just got a $150 add on to the invoice. I BELIEVE it can…:wink: