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Hey pros! Would like to hear how you would do these. The tiny roofs are about 16’ above ground. The ground below these windows is covered with river rocks. The rail you see is the outer deck rails. I did stand on these itty bitty roofs and polled them with a short pole. Result was okay, but less than stellar. Would anyone attempt nose to glass at that edge, if so how? What is the safe way to address these? If WFP, can you do it all sideways? This is a repeat customer and I need some science to do better on these. Thanks. And also, shout out to Hoosier. Like you said, luxury service. Got $800 for first clean of house. They never batted an eye.

The Left side looking from edge of deck

The right side looking from edge of deck


yes, i would wfp, you can do it sideways it’s just physically a lot more work


Good job on the bid!

Yes, I would WFP them as well. I’d probably also get an attachment for your pole to put some bronze wool on that glass. You can get something for the WFP, or for a regular pole. I use the square pads on a doodle bug attached to a Unger pole.

I’d avoid standing on the roof. The fall never hurts, just the landing.


My favorite kind :heart_eyes:


I see no problem standing on that roof for wfp or trad…just don’t get water under your feet on those metal roofs.


If you can wfp, thats what i would do, but i have done trad for things like this before my wfp. Thinking of the fall wasnt all that fun though.


Thats funny.


Couldn’t you safety onto the rail? (as long as it is solid, which it should be for that house at that height)

Sweet gig indeed. :gem:
Congratulations on getting that one.


If you don’t have a WFP then a short extension traditional standing on the roof. I wouldn’t stand on that roof if wet. You could extension pole sideways or WFP sideways.


Since you already poled them with traditional method with a short pole with OK results keep at it the results will get better