My first real oops


I usually just clean around this ancient open sign at this storefront, Today while training a helper, I bumped it a nudge…
This eyebolt broke out of the plastic housing and left the sign dangling. Oops. Customer is cool about it, was gonna replace the signs “eventually” anyway. Almost glad it happened on my helpers 3rd or 4th day so he knows it can happen. I’ve cleaned around that thing 20 plus times so far and nothing like it ever…


Just blame your helper :slight_smile:

Yes…I am joking.


Yeah, homey don’t play that!


Lol we’ve all been there bro.


Yeah we’ve all blamed the new guy… simplistically it’s a better way to go… :smiley:

Every time I clean my store fronts I’m so scared that’s going to happen soon… any clean now… there goes down the sign…


Congrats Will keep moving ahead in 2018!

Like @Rockward said, I think we all have had issues with signs.


Eh, after you write your first $100 check for that stupid neon sign that was stupid and why do they have those stupid things then it’s not that big a deal.


I’m not sure yet but she’s said they were going to be replacing that and another sign anyway. They just spent 50k÷ renovating the entire store, tinting the windows etc. But didn’t get to the signs, we’ll see.

Yeah I found him on Craigslist resumes and he’s picking up quick and hustled if I need a tool or whatever. He likes the work. Has a night job and wants to transition to days. I left him alone cleaning windows at one stop today and snatched up three monthly accounts by cold calling storefront :smirk: in the hour I budgeted for him, things are looking good.


That’s great!

How did he do when you left him alone?


Shit happens !!


He’s getting it. If I could keep him on glass like I was when I started he’d be better faster. I just don’t have enough to work for him to be full time. I told him the longer he’s around the more work he’ll get because I can sell while he services. I don’t think he thought you could just walk into a place and get work by asking. That’s why he’s the helper.