My CCU for the day, all the windows look like this lol



It’s going to be a long day.

(Scratch Waiver?)


Ply Gem sucks


Scratch waiver… does a bear shit in the woods?


Please tell me that’s drywall compound? That would suck if it seriously looks like masonry crap.


That is what I was thinking.


Masonary, dried stucco, it’s not that bad to take off though


Yes, still fresh I am sure. Best to soak it real well and let that do most of the initial work.


when I see that I overcharge for carelessness


Yeah, but then your possibility of scratched glass goes way way way up. Stupid cement products. Not to mention etching depending on how long it’s been on there.

I’ve had commercial clients ask me about the cement on their windows and I’m like nope.


I don’t really understand how contractors get away with this. Years ago when I was a paint contractor, they always held out part of our pay until well after the job was completely finished. If they had to do anything unusual due to our carelessness or sloppiness, they took the cost of correcting it out of our final draw.

It seems we should be able to charge more to clean this kind of crap up and have the GC send the bill to the crew responsible.


It is just ludicrous that contractors and workers think this sloppiness is acceptable.


Yeah, but it’s YOUR fault (of course) if the glass is scratched. That’s what bugs me. I just tell the client that your trained monkeys threw their poo on the glass and it’s going to take a lot longer to clean AND they still might get scratched.


I’ve delt with this stuff for a long time, drywallers, painters, concrete guys they’re all so careless cuz they know the window guy is going to have to deal with it. it’s so frustrating dealing with dumb contractors that don’t care about the next guy. I bid a ccu on a college once and it was accepted, afterwards painters came threw and didn’t even tape anything off, over sprayed like crazy. horrible but it’s always our problem, no one cares unless you start charging them for their mistakes. that’s not ok, somone needs to be held accountable for that. That’s not CCU, that’s just a dumbass contractor.


We could go on for days about contractors sloppiness. Lol


I stopped doing CCU work years ago. The last one I did took me 27 or 29 hours. Something like that. They are soooooooo much work! The builders don’t care what gets on the windows. It was so frustrating.

I told my wife if I do another CCU… “Hit me in the face with a hammer!”


Stand the customer in front of it…

Point to the irresponsible mess…

Look the customer in the eye…

Say “Your glass has very very high probability of scratching because of this, how do you want me to proceed?”


Just bid $3,200 on a CCU. The complete back of the house redone (1st floor; 2nd floor just inside remodel) and an entire new wing added to the back of an already large house.
It has old style wood windows with the top sash multiple cut ups and bottom sash a single pane. The paint, drywall mud, and some kind of adhesive on many windows is an arthritis sufferers nightmare.
I warned the home owner that this would be a Construction Clean Up and rather expensive to bring the glass up to standard. (Prepare her for the worst, right?). She’ll think about it and has two other quotes to get. I won’t budge, I won’t budge, I won’t budge one dollar on this one.


I would do CCU at that price everyday if possible. :sunglasses:

Stick to your price Garry.

Just did a CCU today (mid project) :thinking:

Oh and that’s not my ladder…^^^!!
The Windows came out nice, we will see how they are at the final CCU…


My own little celebration on CCU. Almost 4k bid just got accepted for 132 windows, all partial French pane.

Happy February!