My Beta Testing Team;....I Need You! Update


I seriously cannot develop an entire line of specialty abrasive products without you. We need to work together as a team. Here is a picture of my first batch of SRC pads. They are curing as I write, Once cured I will be sending them out to the first ten people who have signed up as Beta Testers. The back side of these pads have a velcro surface. So they can be added to any stain removal system out there. To use a pad just clean the window, then wet with clean soapy water, and start polishing. No more messy compound to apply from a bottle. The superabrasives are slowly released into the water from the pad where they do their work. Just the right amount are released. Then just soap and squeegee. Very simple.

Henry Grover Jr.


sent you an email


Well I just got out of the hospital. Been there for almost a week. I figured I would test out a pad myself before sending 14 pads out to everyone. It worked perfect in that it released the superabrasive very well. Just as I wanted it to. And definitely polished the glass well too. The only catch was it left some very light scratches that were totally unacceptable. So I am going to tweak the “plastic formula” to see if I can eliminate this problem. The interesting thing is when I make up a highly dense compound with this particular silica superabrasive I do not get this problem. Same abrasive different carrier different results. So something I cannot explain is going on. Just want to fix this before I send out the samples.