Muscle spasms


I don’t know that this is a cure for spasms per se, but magnesium helps muscles to relax. A tablet before bed and my sleep is much more restful. I also notice that my back pains are greatly improved.

Nice thing is, it’s really cheap too.


Used to help muscle cramps. Electrolytes work too.


Gonna have to check that out


chocolate milk, yoga


In this heat you have to replace electrolytes. Stop in at a vitamin store or bike store and grab a jar of them. Hammer products is a good one.


Check out a product called Cerasport. It doesn’t taste that great but it does the job.


Yesterday SUUUUUUUCKED for me too. I wasn’t planning on working in the afternoon but had a customer call me for a 2pm initial. My guy was unavailable on short notice. I was there till 730. When I was finishing up putting up screens back in, I felt hella nauseous. Then I hear the guy say he forgot to turn the air on inside the whole time and the temp was in the 80s. I knew it felt hot (and I was pre-heated). I felt it all the way home; that and my head was throbbing so bad. I did a quick pulse check and I was running at around 120 bpm. Not good.

I layed out on the bed for 10 min and took an ibuprofen. What really helped was when I took a cold shower. But all of that was my fault. I had ice in the ice cooler that had melted because my idiot @$$ left it open after the morning work. So I had waters and gatorades, but nothing cold. I was too dumb to ask for some ice, but they seemed like they were the “interesting” type of customer. Anyways, it was definitely mild heat exhaustion. Heat index here has continually been around 105 °F. Its hot and muggy. Stay stafe!


For what it’s worth, what I know from being a paramedic- If you ever experience any sort of heat emergency, your likelyhood of having a repeat emergency within 24 hours goes up dramatically- at least twice as likely (maybe more, but I forget the numbers). Anyways, point is, make sure to take it easy the next day. I was going to put some fliers up after my job this morning, but decided to take a brake from the heat instead.


Our heat index has been over 100 degrees as well. I start work at 6am this time of the year because of the heat. Stay safe out there!


After all my jobs I get a really nasty headache. I feel like I’m taking all the precautions necessary from the clothes and hat I wear to taking water breaks more often. Still nothing works. The other day was a nice overcast day with a cool winds and had plenty of shade. The last two hours of the job the sun was beating down but I still felt cool. Got home and everything seemed fine for a couple of hours and then the headache hit with a vengeance. I think I might start in the evening instead!


This mornings gutter job had no relief from the sun. I drank plenty, but still feeling what I am certain was heat exhaustion. It is hot and humid here in West Central Florida this time of year. Heat index was 102º! Finished and went home, took a shower, laid down for about 40 minutes, then went out and finished a small window job. Easy day tomorrow, THANKFULLY!


You know, I’m curious if it’s work wear related. I have a collared work t-shirt. I wear. It’s semi loose fitting (not baggy, but not super skin tight). Sometimes (the other day) I put sun block on my arms and legs (I wear shorts in the summer).

But have you ever seen construction guys? They are in pretty ‘baggy’ long sleeve shirts and even light sweaters. Almost all of them. I remember reading how it seems counter productive to wear that sort of clothing, but that the protection from the sun is beneficial. Now, I can’t say it would look very professional to show up to a home that way, but safety and work ability comes first, of course. I’m curious if anyone has better clothing for working in the outdoors…?


I wear long sleeve sun protection shirts from Coolibar.The shirts are light weight, loose fitting and comfortable. Once you start sweating, the shirts keep you cool. I also wear sunscreen(face & neck area), sun protection hat and long pants. My father passed away from skin cancer in 2015. Ever since then, I have taken a lot better care of my skin in the sun.


Heat Index! Bananas, water, good sleep. Regularly hits 110 here w/o an index and Ive got no ac in my truck. I don’t feel right until I’ve sweated through both shirts anymore, then it gets comfortable. Stay cool! Oh yeah, the Army taught me that if your urine isn’t clear it can be too late. Drink even when you aren’t thirsty. Piss breaks beat ambulance rides every time.


I’ve been wearing Columbia PFG long sleeve t-shirts. They have a UPF 50 and are moisture wicking.

I also year one of their boonie hats. They are pretty cool despite the heat.|-475-|-l-190178178493.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjw-qbLBRD79JWsjuXI784BEiQAftBCI5ad4ecfoxyMhS-pllUqv2NmRjHiIXOvwfZjj03uWFkaApEI8P8HAQ&mid=paidsearch&eid=Google+PLA+US&s_kwcid=AL!3937!3!206623356384!!!g!336498909498!&ef_id=WPp_fwAAAJwpyjDT:20170716014941:s


Very true


I have a cooler that the ice stays good for about 4 days so I keep it stocked with different fruit as well as water. Fruit seems to help. If you have issues with dehydration I would just get some hydration tablets. You can get them at a biking store or similar type sporting store. I bought some one year for the same reason and didn’t end up using them but they do work great. They have a powder as elk you can mix with water.


Coconut water is great for rehydration.

Calcium, magnesium and potassium supplements are a huge plus as well.

I have a heart condition that directly relates to my minerals being off and dehydration, so I have to keep a VERY close eye on stuff like this.


Big time likes on this. Magnesium is really good for leg muscles. Also, if you have ever experienced restless leg type syndrome, it really helps. We are on ladders and roofs all day, so some days the legs are like jelly at the end of the day. We don’t pressure wash or do windows anymore. Just roof cleaning and gutter clean outs every day, so we do a LOT of ladder climbing.

On really busy days, I will generally grab a bottle of the Muscle Milk at the end of the day. It really helps to relax and recoup the legs and arms. I am not a weight lifter or anything like that, but I do know that the Milk was designed to help recover after workouts, and that is pretty much sums up what all of us do every day.

You WFP guys have my undying respect. That is one heck of a daily workout. My WFP gear is in the corner of the garage. I use it on my house.

I also drink Gatorade during the day. I don’t like drinking too much because it is way too much sugar and other stuff. I take a bottle and dump about a 1/4 in a water bottle and fill the rest with water. That way I am still getting some of the electrolytes and other stuff in the Gatorade. I go through a quart of Gatorade on a good day mixing 5 or 6 bottles of water/gatorade mix.


Try Magnesium supplement