Muscle spasms


Any of you guys ever them . I know it’s from dehydration. An today was crazy hot .
I guess I didn’t drink enough. Man I just got one that I swore the muscle was goin to pop out of my skin :sleepy: I jace a high threshold to pain, but this is crazy pain. I jace to drink more water.
Is here anything else i could do ?? Other than hydration ?
Of course I will start drinking more. I def dehydrated today :man_facepalming:


Neck back and shoulder and wrists hurt. No real spasms but almost dropped at this grocery store at 6 from exhaustion. Wholly hell


Get the mineral back in your body asap… bananas, fruit, cool shower.

Be careful bro the heat is no joke…

Like I’ve said before hydration is a on going process working or not.


Lots of stretching. Keeps your body working easier.


Yeah, I get them. Especially after a full day of PW. Mad cramps.

Btw, we need to start a @Majestic66 translation thread. :wink:

Jace = Have
An = And

Must be a Samsung swype. Mine is horrendous.


Ya it was no joke today man


Stir lemon juice and honey into water and make lemonade without added sugar or dye like Gatorade. It’s by far the best thing I’ve found to perk me up when I’m busting my butt in the Florida heat.


I have been adding V8 to my daily intake. Been craving it like crazy lately. Water through the day, V8 and water in the eve. No major cramps it spasms this year, so far.


Haaaa. Ya I’m the worst with the typos !!

Being half blind don’t help btw :sunglasses:


V8 ooooofffff !! The only thing I do with V8 is bloody Mary’s.
Hmmm maybe a virgin Bloody Mary !!


Drink your fruit. I love the “Naked” juices.A days worth of fruit in a bottle. Ultimate hangover cure too :muscle:

But on another note, my pops told me as his pops laid on his deathbed, he signaled him closer,
My dad thinking…this is it,
hes gonna give me the secret to life…(this man was a machine, he never stopped) He leaned in and grandpa whispered, “wear good shoes.” :joy:
That was it.
So much of your body reacts from your feets signals. Skimp on other things, but always invest in comfy footwear.


I’ve never gotten them, but Anthony has. It’s pretty much the most pain I’ve ever seen him in. He drinks a lot of water, but that’s not enough. From research I did, I make sure he’s eating bananas during and/or after work. Also I started making a concoction of water, honey, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, lemon or lime juice and chia seeds. I usually bring coconut water that doesn’t have added sugar too. He’s not a fan of it, so I don’t know if that’s a reason he would get spasms and I don’t.


I can scrub glass 12 hours straight and but I come home to ask my wife to open the damn soy sauce! Wtf


I’m all about the good shoes. I had a smoothie for breakfast today. The Naked Juices sounds like a plan. Going to look into those
An yes like Steve , an Erica say more Bannanas. Love bananas, but didn’t eat any today. I stop at 7-11 too before first job grab 2 energy bars. I was looking at the bananas don’t know why I didn’t grab 2.
Won’t make that mistake again. I’m telling ya these things are torture.


Oh man don’t think I could do that concoction. Bananas it is
I put chia seeds , an flax seeds in my smoothie


This I could do :+1:


Salt tabs?


Followed by a concoction of barley and hops :+1:t4:


Years ago when I worked at UPS in the mornings unloading 18 wheelers I had pain in my arm and elbow. My supervisor told me to eat 3 bananas. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. I ate 3 bananas that day and felt great the next morning.

I eat a banana every morning before work. Sometimes I eat a banana in the evening too.
I rarely have any pain on my body.

Eat bananas… they work!


Bourbon on rocks? Lol