Mrs. Meyers Soap


Been using Mrs. Meyers for about a month now in conjunction with Unger Easy Glide since Mr. Polznbladz released the Liquidator video series (yes, I’m one of the “Liquidator only” guys) the “working set up” has helped me tremendously, but I’m curious as to whats the best kind of dishsoap out there for window cleaning (best slip, least amount of film, longest dry time, etc… I feel as if Mrs. Meyers leaves a little something to be desired. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Anywho, let the SOAPWARS begin!


What soap were you using before since its only been a month?

How has the working setup helped you?

What setup were you previously using?

I won’t talk soap alone as there are 100 threads on it.


I was using just straight Unger Easy Glide

The working setup has helped me with handling the Liquidator and helped with it’s performance. Wasn’t applying soap directly to the applicator before just water and solution in a botttle and/or bucket.


If we are talking about the same Meyers soap then I ditched it as well in a very short time. The smell is great but if any solution dries on the glass it needs re-wetting to remove, where Dawn can be detailed effectively even dry.

Meyers bottles are awesome for reuse as belt bottles for wetting an applicatior though.

Currently I like Dawn 3x best cause a little goes a long way


Soap…who cares. Its pretty much all the same. Dawn last longer than Ajax but soap is so cheap compared to the money you make cleaning windows its almost not worth mention. As far as gg4. I personally think its a bit of a marketing gimmick. I already know lots of people will tell me different but I’ve tried it and I honestly think just plain old dish soap works better.


Glass Gleam definitely doesn’t have as much glide and detergent/cleaning power as dish soap. But trying them side by side will show that the GG sparkly clean lasts a bit longer. For route jobs it’s a moot point since they will get cleaned again before it makes any difference.