More Wagtail Action


We gave a wagtail to one of our commercial guys yesterday. He fell in love, its his new favorite tool. Ill post another after hes had a week with it.




id almost be tempted to try one…chris & alex, you guys should have a draw for a 18 inch one sometime!


Very interesting, and definitely cool, but I don’t think I see the advantage over traditional tools, either speed or quality wise…


I agree with Kevin, I don’t really see how the wagtail is faster or easier. But I think I will order one to see what the buzz is about…


I love getting new tools so I may order one.

There’s only a couple of things I’m not sure on. When bringing the tool up to the window, it seems you need to do it in an awkward angle in order to have the scrubber in the right position. Also, once the scrubber flips down, does it hinder your view of the squeegee blade?


interesting question Mark. I haven’t had enough time using it on a pole. I can ask the two guys that I gave them to about that.

Just today the other guy I gave a flipper to told me that he loves it. He is still working on his flipper pole work but as far as hand-held, he says its a time saver. Only complaint so far… it doesn’t hold too much water.


I love my wagtail. I use it a lot. I alternate between my unger and the wag, I agree i doesnt hold enough water.


I have the original wagtail combi, I found the water retention is bad also. I was using the wiljer over-cover to day on a porcupine - still not sure! Infact if anyone can tell me of an agressive cover & also holds SL of water - please enlighten me.


i was thinking it doesn’t look like it holds much water…sorta about as much as a swiffer…lol


Unfortunately…there are not a whole lot of sleeve’s available with both water holding capacity & scrubbing action.

Monsoon would be a good choice for water retention as for scrubbing power i still think nothing beats the “Blue Max” from Racenstein

Wiljer’s are damn good too (hearty sleeve) the blue devil sleeve that fits over is cool but…i find it likes to snag up on the BOAB and anything near squeegee’s etc.


So with all this talk about the scrubber part of this tool, can it be replaced? What do you do when it gets worn out? Replace the whole tool or just the scrubber part?


Yes the scrubber is replaceable. The one im holding here is for the popular wagtail flipper. The regular wagtail will hold any standard scrubber cover.


What about the squeegee blade? I saw it has some kinda weird red rubber. Will it accept other replacements?


Yep it will fit most rubber… Ettore Unger etc…


The red rubber isnt bad bro. I thought the same thing when I opened the package, i was like what the hell red rubber. But its good quality rubber.


So, you’re going to replace yours with more “what the hell red rubber” when needed?


nah ive already blown through it and now my wag’s got pulex soft in it. But im sure chris could get more " what the hell red rubber " if anybody wanted more of it.


So I bought the 18’ Flipper, got it from the UPS man today (he made a left turn, I saw him) and wanted to try it out right away.

Too soon to tell if I really like it. I’m sure there’s a learning curve too it. My only question on how to use it is… when you have it on the pole, how do you get the scrubber to cover the blade so you can scrub and wet the window? Is there some kinda funky trick to this?

I tried “flipping”, it didn’t work, that would just be too easy.


I don’t have the new flipper - but by all accounts, I think you just tilt to one side & pull a little.