More Glass Smart Beta Testers Needed!


The two Super Soaps that I am now testing are Cheetah and Panther.


Looking for more people to do a full test on each of these. I need you to post your results with pictures and videos on the FB Groups and here too. Asking to post some of your pictures on the Glass Smart Instagram page too.

Thanx much,



I would be interested in helping you test those out. What do you need me to do to get started?


All I need is a name, a business name, a full shipping address, an email address, and a phone number. I will then have the company send over to you the two samples of the Cheetah and the Panther. I have posted instructions in the Glass Smart Product Review blog. Please send to my email at There will be many more samples coming your way if you sign up.



I might be able to do this. What is the biggest difference (in layman’s terms) between these and other products like Glass Gleam?


I’m in if you need a UK tester.


Sam and Steve. Absolutely. Just send me your names and shipping addresses. The biggest difference between average carbon based surfs and those based on the silicon atom is the degree of wettability for concentration. I have seen a .1% concentration of the Cheetah completely sheet over a Rain X highly hydrophobic surface. So it doesn’t take much at all to dramatically reduce the surface tension of water. This should help a great deal when using a concentrated solution as a feed for WFP work. Also it might have some interesting effects when doing trad work with a squeegee. On both however I am in favor of Panther. Since Cheetah is an nonionic and so will tend to be more “sticky” or filmy then an anionic. It will be more effective at removing grease. Just not as “clean”. But then that is why I need you guys to test these products out. You tell me.



OK trad work is most of what I do so probably where I would be able to give it the best test. That work for you?


Still taking on Betas. If anyone is interested please let me know by email with full names, a business name, a full shipping address, email addresses, and phone numbers. The companies will be sending you the samples directly. Just asking that you keep the source info and product names to yourself. This info will be cutting edge and inside knowledge. Please do post your results on social media however.