Monster window cleaning jobs part 2 ( construction cleanup fail )



Has anyone ever worked with a guy like this?

A company cant survive with this type of worker.


you mean a guy for whom every little thing is a problem?
Definitely worked with that type of guy…no fun at all.


I don’t care much for this guy. His wife seems really nice, but he seems like a turd most of the time. He is about as unprofessional as you can get IMO. I don’t say that to knock him, but I certainly wouldn’t hire him for anything, and neither would any of my clients.

Him and Kalfas make a good pair…


Waste of my time watching this​:construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction:


All he did was dribble shit. Not very informative :unamused:


Kalfas is an unprofessional goofball, but at least he’s got positivity, and has helped inspire guys to get started, or to keep up the fight with a positive attitude.

This dude, on the other hand, just oozes with negativity. There’s too much of that in the world, already.


It is my observation, he has inspired many people to be hacks. He’s a prime example of the 50 bucks to start a business, guy. That attitude is detrimental to all of us in business and those who want to start one LEGIT.

He also is a salesman. A lot of what he says, only goes inline to promote what he wants to sell them.

As I said over in the thread about power washing, this hacks starting a “business” is making it tougher for anyone else to get started, as well as costing those already in the business more.

I do not support people whom end up making the industry worse. IMO, both of them are making things WORSE, rather than better.
I am surprised anyone would hire Charlie, if they ever watched his videos. But then, I get the feeling I know the kind of clients he would market to…