Moerman Squeeze Deluxe


Is there any info on when this will be available to buy and for what price?

And what are your thoughts on and who has used it so far except @Trad-Man and a few others?

I would really like it, especially if it wouldnt leave a film behind like dish soap does, which isnt really the plan to clean windows to come back 2 weeks later to reclean cause the film pulls up dust and dirt everywhere.

The bottle is also really nice to not drip it everywhere and it can be reused as well.


I am also looking forward to the release of this Product. But I would recommend you to use ‘Buz Windowmaster’. It doesn’t leave a film on the glass and my residential customers say, that their Windows are much cleaner and stay much longer clean.


I dont think i can get that here in Germany :slight_smile:

Its overall hard to get to tools like GG3 and GG4 and more here, all UNGER in this country…


I’m from germany too. I use it since 2016. I Think you know the brand it is ‘Buzil’. The detergent is not expensive. It’s about 2 -3 € per 1 Liter Bottle.

…and I use a little bit more than recommended, since I use the Liquidator 2.0


Im in an apprenticeship and i know the brand buzil, havent used something from them yet.

The company just uses plain old non-concentrated dish soap.

Exactly this one, delivered in 12 bottle cartonages:


Most of our jobs are one ore two times per year. So I am very satisfied with this Product. Mayby you can convince your Boss to try it out.


Welp my boss is a money saver.
We drive around with 2014 (soon to be replaced) VW Caddys with 75 PS and pretty much bare minimum stuff, not even a full AC.
And they drive with i dont know how expensive AMGs or Mercedes…

Just one pressure washer in the entire storage for everyone.
They installed a new security system with cameras recently due to stuff getting stolen overnight…

Below is a job we did some time ago as well as my main work gear right now.


My Experience is that a lot of People in Germany work with similar tools, even with normal buckets where the applicator does not fit in. But there are a few more tools availeble in germany


W5 is really good from what i heard on windows as for glide.

And yes most here use normal buckets, problem we have is to fit under tips of customers to get water as most of our customers dont have some sink to put a big bucket under it, especially cause we have quite some private households.

And i see even you have Moerman tools there, ha we just get Monsoon sleeves and S-Channel Unger squeegees with hard or soft Unger rubber. No special tools like the Moerman Excellerator or the FLIQ pad or the liquidator channel etc.

Barely anyone poles windows on customers over obstacles, the good ol step ladder has to do. I have colleagues that get out the chicago ladder on any job where you cant get high enough with a step ladder to reach a window.


It is not easy to work in a big company, therefor I’m very happy to run my own business…viele Grüße aus Bayern mein deutscher Kollege😁


Grüße zurück ausm Siegerland :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you doing all day long in your apprenticeship? Are you doing CCU’s?


Everything, mainly glass now and CCUs.

Later pretty much everything you can imagine, carpets, parquet, laminate, Winter service,
chairs, desks, fassades… Anything that can be cleaned.

Deutsch: Winterdienst, Teppiche, Polstermöbel, Parkett, Laminat, Möbel, Fahrzeuge und Verkehrsmittel, Fassaden, Grundreinigungen…


Its now available on Window Cleaning Warehouse:

What do you think?


Yeah, but we need that stuff in US. Lol


It will come to the US soon :slight_smile:

@Trad-Man may have more info.


nope don’t look at me lol! :roll_eyes:

It should of been out by now according to moerman? Maybe they fell off the boat across? Haha


At the end of the day its just soap, and for $25-30 per liter seems the most expensive soap I have ever seen, people were already looking at me like I was crazy for using soap that is $10/liter and this stuff is 3 times the price, So I should expect 3 times the results. I won’t hold my breath.


I’ll probably wait for the squeeze premium.


Right, even keeping in mind that this is very concentrated and is designed to be applied directly to the washer the price makes my eyes water somewhat. The sample I tried was excellent and better than my current mix BUT not 4-5 times better. The top is a really neat affair that is one way valved so will not leak or drip. I wonder if this is the price for bottle/top/fluid and refill in bulk may be cheaper. If not, there is no way that the window cleaning community will be stocking up on this…most of us bitch now if we can’t get a decade out of a strip of rubber… :slightly_smiling_face: