Moerman soap


How many of you ad the Moerman soap to your buckets. Applying a couple of drops to the applicator is kind of a pain every 5 -10 windows. How much do you ad as the soap is kind of expensive and I don’t want too ad too much and go through a bottle in a couple of days. Thanks


Ordinary dish soap in the bucket, but Moerman soap applied directly to the FL*Q pad. Still doesn’t solve your problem though.


Typically speaking, don’t buy Moerman soap if you want to put it in a bucket?

Use dawn dish soap or Unger professional window solution.

If you really want to use Moerman soap in a bucket, fill the bucket it with 2 Gallons of water first. Then add a tiny bit of Moerman, check it, add very tiny bits until you find a consistency you like, add them together and bam, you’ve wasted your time.

Now stop putting Moerman soap in a bucket and use it the way it was invented or change up your soap. :slight_smile:


I’ve ysed Moerman soap and GG4 in a bucket. Great combo


it’s annoying adding too scrubber but does work well. i just carry in my cargo pants or tool pouch.

used it last night at an account and put some in bucket with little less than a gal (i dont like a full bucket) and it worked really well. was using my 14" highflyer. and sorbo blade for areas my wag was too bulky.

ill probably but the top of the close flap off though so i dont have to open n close

wish the soap was sold by the gal or bucket. great slip and i like the smell


Who said Moerman soap was only to be used on the strip washer?

People were pouring dawn on the washer before moerman came out with their brand of soap. What makes Moerman chemically different than Dawn? The color? Opinions?

They are in the business to sell products. I doubt they spent much time and money developing some “secret sauce” just special for their tools.

It’s soap, don’t get so emotional. :wink: If you like it, use it like you own it. If you want to squirt it in your bucket, do it like a boss. It’s just soap…


you forgot squirting it on the glass lol


Price would be the reason methinks. I doubt Moerman give a sh_t if users put it in their bucket. You’ll use more, it will be less effective but you’ll also be buying it more often.


Not sure what you’re squirting on the glass lol…


I get what you are saying, but over here, if a bottle of soap costs you your business, you need a new trade.

How much does ONE rubber cost you? How much is ONE squeegee costing you?

How much does a tank of gas cost you?

But a ten dollar bottle of soap breaks the bank?


polznbladz on his vids was applying the soap too the glass itself


Hear you and totally agree. The questions really are, does it help make the job run more smoothly. Is it appreciably better than what you use now? It’s very concentrated and is actually quite difficult to keep the mix consistent when added to a bucket of water. The very same reason for adding it directly to the glass that was posited by Polz years ago. I’ve tried both and settled on adding it to the for me. Window cleaning I believe has the lowest outlay on inventory of any trade. It bemuses me when we whinge about the longevity of a $2 piece of rubber when the simple answer is to add the cost of a rubber to each job. Then if it lasts longer, you’re ahead of the game.


in any event i think the cost differences are negligible and it really boils down to preference.

it is nice having detergents the customers dont have. also having equipment the clients dont have.

a distributor i deal with in our other business only sells to the trades and not diy ppl.

on on occasion they made an exception for one of my clients