`Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Squeegee Help



My name is Zach and I’m new to both the Forum and Window Cleaning.

I recently purchase my first set of Windows Cleaning Tools and was hoping to get some advice on the Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Squeegee.

Question: Is the Moerman Liquidator 2.0 a good Squeegee to learn on?



In my opinion it’s not. Got to learn to walk before you can drive a Ferrari.

But that’s just me.


Thank You JaredAL… nicely said.

any advice on a squeegee that would be a little more forgiving to a new Window Cleaner.

I live in the Las Vegas area and probably will be sticking with straight pulls at first.


Ettore …


Humm, pulex or Unger are the most forgiving. The angles of the channel allows for a more sloppy technique.

Ettores angle takes a little more skill but will force you into a tighter technique.

Again my opinion.

The moerman might offer a perfect window but it takes effort to master. It also has more parts and options which might confuse a new guy. Change the angle of the handle and you’re hurting. Replace the rubber and now you have to figure out the end clips. Let it pivot and you’ve got a different beast.


I’m new-ish at this also and am in Vegas. I started with a Lowe’s Unger then “advanced” to a sorbo and now use the sorbo and moerman combinator and just got the 2.0 today (I’m leaving early to work in my pole work before my appointments in the morning). That said I agree you’ve got to get the fundamentals down. I probably just to the Ferrari to early and hope to not let this little diva lead to me breaking a few things. There are great videos to help you with either choice you make.


Thanks for the help.

I think I’ll try the Unger Channel & Handle with Sorbo Squeegee Rubber.


Have to say it seems to be newbies who are mastering Liquidator very quickly. Maybe it’s because they have zero muscle memory to overcome.


Totally agree


^^^ This is exactly what I was going to say Eric.

@ZDT @WindowGuysLV

The liquidators channel and excelerator handle are not that hard to master for someone that doesn’t have muscle memory from different tools.

Watch this channel Polzn bladz (Bob) answer all your questions about this tool combination and tells you how to use it correctly.

Here’s a link to his YouTube channel.

@Trad-Man wife (Trad-Girl) learned to use the tool very quickly because she had no muscle memory to change in regards to handling hand tools.

Hope this helps.


Yeah I was wondering about that.


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the Liquidator channels. Well, that and soap.


@evgilliand *Mastering *is a very strong word when it comes to me and my
little diva squeegee.


“Trad-Woman” #equality :smirk:



Did you just assume her gender? #snowflake #triggered #whatamidoingwithmylife


What if I’m triggered by equality?


No. I assumed his wife was over 18 years old :joy:


Get yourself a regular standard squeegee. The problem I’m seeing now is new guys buying liquidators and even wide body’s without even knowing how to use a standard squeegee properly


What value is there in expending valuable learning time using standard tools when that time could be used learning the Liquidator? Why waste valuable startup $ on tools that will need upgrades as your skill increases?

Just check out the PolznBlade vids and keep the glass real wet.