Moerman F*LIQ


Today I got some new F*liq-Pads size 25 cm. Inside the pad is something like a white abrassive pad. Does anyone know what that is? I tried it out and it stabelized the pad a little bit.


Is it actually abrasive? Seems like that would damage the rubber.


Hey @Trad-Man or @evgilliand @Alex have you come across a Fliq pad designed like this, if so what’s the purpose?

I haven’t seen one like this.


Nope, this is a new one on me although looking at it my thought would be that on a top flip mount whe it was flopped back you could rotate the squeegee and use it for spot removal. Looks a touch clumsy tbh.


It’s interesting for sure, @Scenix_Kyle brings up a good point if it’s flipped from the top or bottom I believe the scrubby pad would be aggressive to the rubber while agitating the dirt on the glass with the Fliq pad.



Henning, where did you purchase this Fliq pad?


Im Germany are only 2 or 3 Shops which sell moerman


Okay, now I got it. Checked out a vid. That pad is going to lay on the handle, which is higher than the blade. It will make traction and keep fliq from sagging in the middle, which would pull on wet clips, which would sag pad in use. So the traction will keep pad straight when pulling under load and tension. Make sense? Just 2 cents. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you share the link for the vid?


yeah it was to be a scrubbing pad but doesnt really work lol


It’s a flavor saver!


Thanks Pete that looks like a bad positioning of a scrubby pad on the back of the Fliq, as I see it.


Yeah pal its awkward to try and use. I didn’t know they existed till i got my newer fliq a few months back. Maybe make a good back scratcher??



Do all the new Fliqs have that scrubby on it?

Can you remove it easily without damaging the Fliq pad it’s self?


Tbh ive never attempted to remove it. I just don’t use it


@Trad-Man Does that scrubby pad affect the rubber in anyway while scrubbing with the Fliq pad, like wearing down the rubbers edge or nicking it?


I’ve not noticed it interfering at all :slight_smile:


Thanks Pete.


Of course no probs:)


It’s nice that they put a spot for a patch.