Moerman DIY fix


Herman, do you own or have you used an Excelerator? You’re the one who always says. Try it and see. Well, buy one, try it and see. Sure some are having issues but many are not. I have never had any major issues with the Liquidator or the clips, ever, from day one. The Excelerator, although by no means perfect, is a much better handle than any of the Wagtails, standard or modded, I have used. Close out initially was a minor challenge but a small change in technique sorts it. I can’t speak for the High Flyer as Wagtail and I parted ways prior to Precision Glide, but as nothing has changed with handle or pivot I can’t imagine it will be very different. The Excelerator pivot is smoother, more direct, and because situated closer to the channel is very very quick. I have huge respect for Ryu and his talents but as clever and tidy as this is it cannot be called a FIX because the design features that are an integral part of the overall design have been removed. Also this in no way addresses the problem of even pressure on channel ends that you say your design has sorted.


Respectfully have to agree to disagree on this one.
Do not think bagging other manufacture tools out is going to fix OPPS rectify the design problems.
Till newly designed swivel handle comes on the market.


All good Herman you’re welcome to disagree without being respectful :slight_smile: you just have to get head down, bum up and get your design manufactured to prove your point…


According to the poll, it would be more accurate to invert that statement.
MANY are having issues, but SOME are not.


I bet the smaller the channel is the better a Moerman swivel handle works, eh?


That has certainly been my experience.


Do the Wagtails that hold standard squeegee channels have the same problem with longer channels?


I modded a PC handle and ran it with an 18" Liquidator (1.0) with no issues




And the accuracy of polls? UK and US 2016 would indicate a healthy scepticism would not be misplaced :slight_smile:


I just bought two excelerator handles, two liquidator channels (10" and 18") and the corresponding fliq pads and I could not be happier! I put Ettore rubber in. That was the only “mod” that I made.
I used to fan with a pole using standard Ettore fixed handles. Fanning with the excelerator is like a dream come true. Plus I almost never need to detail now.
Sure there are a few things that are different from the regular Ettore channels that I’m used to, but isn’t that to be expected? It’s a different tool designed to do different things. In the liquidator’s case, it’s designed for no detailing. I have to say I love it! I also have not needed to stick anything in the ends to keep the Ettore rubber in place. It fits super snug.


Well done Craig. Thank you, I’ve just put the Valium back in the bottle :slight_smile:


I did a 4 figure house today with a Moerman Liquidator, and tried their fixed handle, but like the Excelerator better for it’s angle changes, plus I was able to fan windows with a pole using it.

Using Ettore rubbers… I’m crazy and dull them a touch by str8 pulling a bunch on my slider until it turns without without gashes. I don’t like using too much soap…


Ok … calling all Dremel Experts… :slight_smile: @bcox @Samuel Check out Ryu’s short clip. I personally love his Combinator mod and I’m warming towards the Excelerator mod. What cannot be denied is the clever thinking of this guy…


I’ve got the new HighFlyer from Wagtail,it’s really good,I think Willie is just tweaking it ever so slightly


im pleased to hear that !

which store did you buy it from?


So it looks like he implemented a tensioned centering mechanism similar to Wagga except instead of zip ties on a wagtail it’s Springs on an Excelerator.


It’s from the Australian store


dyou use it as your main day-to-day squeegee? or for pole use only?

when i had a go with it [at the show last Sept] my thoughts were WOW this kiddy is going to be good on a pole.


So far I’ve used it for internal cleans,tomorrow I’m using it on a pole though.