Moerman DIY fix


Here is a idea from a window cleaner from Tokyo Japan. Ryu Kataoka. Man with forward thinking.


So how do we make sure Moerman R+D sees this?


Moerman R+D see this?
What do you mean.


Herman, I am going to guess R And D means research and development


DOH :laughing:


has there ever been a product that was designed on a mod, for the the purpose of eliminating mods that required more modding???
i know i know some use it out of the box no issues


I’m working on it. :grinning:


The people who should have gone to school so they could work as engineers on a research and development team are washing windows for a living. That’s all there is to it!!! God help us all.


Does anyone know where that metal plate comes from? Is that an unger bottom clamp that bites down on the rubber? So far, the strip of duct tape has worked fine for me, but this seems a bit more secure. My concern is if the lateral integrity, as well as rotational flex would be affected by this mod. Perhaps not by much given the original clamp is spring loaded?


Anybody have a photo of the original design?


I have to go soon, but it’s like an alligator clip.


Sounds weak and anemic.


needs geritol!?


If windows were cleaned by some sort of robotic arm that cleaned with an identical, repeatable motion with the same angle and pressure, you could develop a perfect tool that required no mods. But everyone has their own movements and unique way of using a squeegee. Gotta find a tool (handle, channel, rubber…) that feels right and fine tune it to optimize how it works for you.


What doesn’t every one have a fission powered reactor in their truck to purify water?

I was having problems with it last week and my garbage guy hooked me up.


Sorry Herman I’m a bit dense here… What exactly am I seeing? Thanks heaps!


Looks to me like Ryu copied the Ettore original design for clamping a channel to a window cleaning handle. They got it right the first time back in 1936. The channel stays put! How come the folks at Moerman can’t get it right? I know, to much education! Haha


Like all of Ryu’s mods this has been beautifully done. This is his MOD (it’s NOT a FIX) to address close out issues he was having on his high rise work. He’s remove the bottom pivot plate and lower jaw on the Exceleratorand fitted a standard squeegee bottom plate. The pivot is now only secured by the top plate. I see where he’s coming from but I think he’ll find that the integrity of pivot will be severely compromised over time. Nice tidy work however.


Of course they got it right Mike. They were the original designers, manufacturer. EVERYONE copied them, but keep in mind that even their old original has been refined and fine tuned a number of times.


If you say so :wink: