Moerman Clips & Pad


Do they fit on a Ettore brass channel?

I’m thinking of doing something like this with my wagtail pc squeegee. It’s got a ten inch Ettore (modified) brass channel on it now. Not sure if I’d be happy with the liquidator channel.


The fliq clips will fit over a standard channel, albeit loosely, and would require some kind of adhesive to stay in place.


Thanks @Samuel


No prob. You like how we are always the first two US cleaners on here at the buttcrack of dawn?


I don’t know about the brass channel but I know for sure the FLIQ clips will fit super snug on the Ettore aluminum channel. I was using that on an Unger ninja handle for a while


Yeah but you’re also in Eastern. Need some mountain time in here. *Representing.


heat 'em up sqeeze 'em down a bit.


Thanks guys!!!
I’ve got a plan :sunglasses:


I really enjoy watching @HE_MAN videos and Waga as well but honestly… I’m never gonna actually make any of that stuff. Great entertainment but … kinda like watching This Old House on PBS. For me anyway Haha


i’ve made a few things as per @HE_MAN, my frankencone for reg tools on wfp, first swivel for my nylex frankenbrush wfp adapter.
an attachment to mount a window vac on a pole.
homemade wagtail
handle for my ro di.


I cut the ends of my channels at 30* like PolznBladz and … well that’s about it.
Stole that line from Herman haha


Based on some of the ideas offered here I’m going to try out my 10" wagtail with no pad on jobs with transoms all around the building. Maybe cut in the top half of regular panes as well.

At some point I’ll have to order a Moerman 10" pad and clips so I can try the whole enchilada. :sunglasses:


I’ve got a Wagtail pad fitted to my channel using Moerman clips


Could you explain how that was done? Would your idea work if it was mounted over the top? Nice pick!


Here’s a video of the same pad on my modded Wagtail


That mod looks simple enough. Something Herman could do with his eyes closed so I think I’ll be able to pull it off. Thanks for sharing the video.


It’s really simple but it works a treat :blush:


How do you like the Wag "high flyer’ Julian. Any advantage over the slimline flipper?


Great video Juls,
See you are using the scrubber pad under the squeegee blade.
Would you also use it like that when on a pole??
Also using the Wagtail handle do you find that it swivels better then the Moerman swivel handle.


Early days yet Eric but I think this tool has a lot of potential