Moerman Angle Adapter Teeth


Has anyone else had issue with the teeth on the Moerman angle adapter bending and warping?
I’ve mabye had mine two months and this is what is looks like. Am I doing something wrong or is mine just faulty

? What angle adapter should I be buying?


That happens when there is ‘play’ at the connection. Happened to me also. The problem is getting a tight connection. The plastic bolt is a waste of space.


That angle adaptor is terrible but stay tuned moerman are on the case :wink:


Oh yeah? Solid Metal construction? clamp release like WFPs? And a euro threaded tip? And it swivels?!


Yes. My Moerman teeth slip often. They are very delicate. But, treat them like a lady. Nice and gentle, and should be no problem.

Will be interested to see what improvements Moerman will make.


They tried to make something on the cheap and did not get away with it. Hope they take care of those who bought this product already. You could expect something innovative like the LQ to go thru a few versions, but no reason to have to have an angle adapter 2.0.