Missing Yard Sign


He’s a crazy dude for sure!


Guy’s here take them and throw them away…I have even heard of companies paying employees a 1$ per sign.


Don’t leave it behind after done working.


I had that happen before. A maintenance guy that works for a subdivision that I work in picked it up. He said the HOA doesn’t allow any businesses to leave a yard sign in a homeowners yard. I told him I didn’t think someone stole my yard sign because it was pretty. He gave me the sign back.


I know a lot of guys who will take the signs down if they are not on the customer’s yard.

The industry term “bandit signs” is what I have heard used to describe the signs you see at the front of neighborhoods and at busy intersections . Those are always disposable because your competition is going to take them.

If it is in someones yard where you are working and they steal it, that is wrong.


hmmm wht happens if the little kid of the house or pet has a close encounter with the sign or the owner decides it’s been up long enough. this guy sounds like a vindictive jerk to me.



Send them a bill either way


Got a VM from the customer. She found it and took it to her storefront where I can pick it up. Can’t wait to hear the story.


Jay is hilarious…and insane


My previous company used to steal shower yard signs all the time from their own brother…lol? Terrible owners. Never knew the job themselves. Just greed, greed and more greed. 1 of a few reasons they don’t deserve what they have.


Glad it was found! I was about to suggest checking @JaredAI’s garage… :joy:


Good luck finding anything in there.