Missing Yard Sign


I stopped by a customer’s house to pick up my yard sign and it’s gone. She wasn’t home so it may be in her garage or her association may have taken it. Has anyone had this happen before?

I emailed the customer to see if she has any idea where it’s at. I would think the association would give a courtesy call since the sign has my number on it, especially since it clearly isn’t a cheap sign.


Some people do not like signs in their yard. Pull it as you finish up and are loading equipment back into your vehicle. If the customer didn’t put it out with the trash they may give it back to you.

Neighborhood Associations are persnickety about their rules; no bending, stretching and absolutely no breaking! lol


i used to run into this as a painter years ago. Signs in the front yard would get snatched by the competition should they drive by. Might be a possibility.
It’s always made me hesitant to spend money on signs.


That is a good point.


Yeah, I know all about association rules. They can be nazis. They don’t get down and pull a weed so they shouldn’t get down and pull a sign without sending a notice first or contacting the number on the sign.

If it was them maybe I’ll send them a bill. :joy:


The only window cleaners yard sign I ever saw was sitting by the trash bin at a house…


One of your competitors probably took it.

If you’re going to leave signs out after you complete a job I would consider those signs disposable.


A guy in my neck of the woods pays his guys a $10 bounty for every window cleaning yard sign they bring back to the shop. Everybody thinks it’s very funny and everybody has a hilarious time laughing … except for the guy who owns the sign of course.


One of our local city facilities that we service has an area where they store all the collected yard signs. There’s a ton of them, most cities around us do not allow any type of yard signs in public places and remove sign and send citation.


That’s just weak…and I’m a believer in karma. This kind of behavior speaks to the character of the company who pays the bounty.


I believe in karma as well. I’m sure he’s not the only guy out there behaving badly. Just a heads up for guys placing yard signs out.


Sort of counter productive considering the same city gets tax revenue for every job that sign gets the owner.


Sounds like a good lawsuit.


Karma may be taking care of things


We don’t have yard signs so haven’t had this happen, but we’ve had a vehicle magnet disappear twice. :smirk:


It was stolen. My customer got home late and said she never saw it the day of the service. Who knows, it could be anyone from the association, to a competitor, to a crazy neighbor who doesn’t like yard signs.


Thats a bummer! From now on just get the cheaper signs to leave, if they get jacked its less painful to the pocket book.


We’ll see. I avoided the cheap ones because we’re in the windy season and they’d probably blow down the street anyway. Good thing I built my own frames for $10 instead of buying the $50 for the sign shop’s frames.


Jay Murphy on Facebook has a method where he gets even with the thieves by coating his signs not only with some sort of poo smell spray but also a heavy duty adhesive, so whoever takes it gets to bring home more than they bargained for.


Whos he getting even with, himself.

Don’t get why that even makes sense to do