Missed storefront


So a couple of months ago a storefront (fast food) contacted me for a price on cleaning the windows monthly exterior, bi-monthly interior. Multiple panes of glass, I bid at $1.00 per pane. The manager said he was getting another bid that day as well and he would let me know - never heard back from him.

This morning I find out that they are closing their doors come Monday.

It isn’t always about your pricing folks. Sometimes they are just struggling.


I got a new storefront (coffee, pastries, sandwich place) a couple of months ago. They agreed to my price but were very happy when I said I could do the work for credit. It is a mom n pop and I didn’t feel like chasing payments of $25 per month so this works out good for both of us.
I need the exposure more than the $25. When I was doing the initial clean I was contacted by one of their customers to do some windows at a B&B.