Minimum PSI for Xero multistage WFP?


Water pressure in my city ranges from 35 - 90 psi according to city data that I can find.

Is that enough to run a Xero multistage rig with a 40 foot pole?

Could the Xero rig with everything needed fit in a Corolla?



The Xero Pure could run off as little as 30psi, to reach 40’ you would need close to 60psi to ensure you’re getting enough flow at the brush.

The Xeor Pure stands 53" tall so fitting it in the back seat of a Corolla should be just fine.


Thanks. I ended up getting a hydrobox. I love it. It’s really well built. It fits in my trunk. I’ve purchased an inline booster pump as well in case the PSI is too low because in my place, we’re at 30 PSI and it’s not enough.