Million Dollar Zip Codes





Looks like it’s expensive to live in Cali!:smiley:


Do you service any of those zips in N.Y.?


We service 3 of those zip codes !


Niiice! Which ones?


#7 is the county I live and do most of my work in.

[B]10 highest-income counties by median household income (2007)

Counties with populations of 250,000 or more

Rank County Median Household Income
1 Loudoun County, Virginia $107,207
2 Fairfax County, Virginia $105,241
3 Howard County, Maryland $101,672
4 Somerset County, New Jersey $97,658
5 Morris County, New Jersey $94,684
6 Douglas County, Colorado $92,824
7 Montgomery County, Maryland $91,835
8 Nassau County, New York $89,782
9 Prince William County, Virginia $87,243
10 Santa Clara County, California $84,360[/B][CENTER][/CENTER]


We are in #6.


Laguna Beach
Newport Beach and Newport Coast
Rancho Santa Fe


As of now only 1, but I believe we will be adding 4 of them to the roster… Im in the middle of some heavy demographic research… trying to target some new areas.


[SIZE=“5”]I got number one suckas![/SIZE]
Rancho Santa Fe baby!

Go ahead ask me how many homes I have there!

guess who will be marketing in Rancho!!???:mad:


Chris… I’m REALLY surprised there arent a few Morris and Western Essex county towns on that list. Monmouth County too. Deal, NJ is nothing but million dollar homes.

4 and 5 are mine :slight_smile:


Bumping a pretty old thread but I Also live in moco. Planning on starting come spring. Living so close to Howard and fairfax I’m guessing we’re in a pretty strong market?


Rancho Santa Fe… home of the tight wads. Many expect a deal since it’s such an honor just for you to step foot on their multi-million dollar property. You get dropped quick when the next person comes by and under bids you. It’s no wonder how those people got rich. Marketing is almost useless there, it’s all about referrals or angies list. Tough market


they know everyone wants their business, so they “auction” it to lowest bidder