Hey Guys, I am putting a ton of miles on my truck every year (26000). I am a solo residential window cleaner only. Just curious how many miles those of you who are primarily residential put on your vehicles.



That is a ton of miles for a solo operator. Are you using it as a designated work vehicle or personal use too? I put about 10K work miles and 5K personal on my own truck which is pretty ridiculous, other than I like driving a nice vehicle. I’ve got quite a bit in reserve, so I’m looking into purchasing a designated work vehicle rather than running up the miles on my Sierra Denali w/a 6.2L that uses a lot of fuel.


I’m at 15-16 thousand a year
2013 van has. 77, 666


I’ve got two vans on the road. Each of them gets driven about 6-7000 miles a year. I’m all residential in a large metropolitan area. My service area is only around 10-15 miles.

The van I drive just hit 80,000 miles yesterday. I bought it new in 2005.


12000 -15000 /yr…Keep track of it daily and write it off on your taxes.


This year has been around 17,500 work, 8,000 personal, a lot of my work is quite spread out so lots of drive time…

I track it with a simple app I made where I tap a big ‘Work’ or ‘Play’ button on the screen and then it records the miles via GPS to a database I can go in and export when tax time comes :slight_smile:

I did it this way because you never know when an app will disappear or go under and then all your data is lost and I’d never remember to note my mileage accurately otherwise, this way it’s all on my own storage with no chance of loss :sunglasses:


I don’t know…a lot. My one job today was 60 miles round trip.


20,000 a year, 2014 F150 recently hit 100,000

3/4 work, 1/4 personal servicing both res and commercial


All 6 vehicles average about 12k miles per year