MID-CCU, more work was done - not satisfied both parties


Hello there my friends! Long time no talk! I see a lot has changed for most of us, and we have many new friends who have joined the battle against filthy windows! I apologize for not being as active, however, I have been very busy with the relocation and my stream of clients I have gained! OH BOY!

While on that one of my current clients was a $1157 MID - Construction job. SO they were being rushed last minute due to builder problems and having to switch half way through the year to a new contractor.

There was a wedding on Friday. On Wednesday I washed all the interior window panes, had to use razor on most windows, or my scrub daddy (steel wool replacement HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)
I had already been informed that there would be blind guys there on Thursday which is why I had to do inside first, Next day I return and there was still lots of wood cutter caulking things, installing things, cutting wood everywhere, laying concrete, etc etc etc etc the list literally goes on with over 40 service companies and 200+ people.

I began to attempt to clean the exterior of the windows and that sure was fun, Thankfully most the second story windows were “roof” accessible. After making my way through chaos and having everyone ask me, WHY ARE YOU ALREADY CLEANING UP THE WINDOWS? WE WILL GET THEM DIRTY. I explained I agree, and i explained to the client I can’t exactly guarantee the work because of the mid construction clean up. Of course if a i missed a pane, or something was just purely disgusting, I will return for that.

After finishing and ready to collect, they unfortunately were gone, so I was unable to walk through with them what so ever. The next day they have a party, (98% of them and their time was spent outside in their ginormous field with a ginormous tent canopy for the wedding party. ) I went back and the windows are just ugly, finger prints from the blind guys, concrete on 5 panes, child finger prints, swirl marks from some of the construction people trying to clean up what they did, making it worse, things i did miss unfortunately.

They don’t blame me for the obvious, but a lot of things (finger prints and swirls) they couldn’t pin point who could have done it, so in their minds, it is the window cleaner. These laddies have been wonderful, polite, nice, amazing, and will be return visit. My main question is, whats my next move, they have paid me, and are giving me time to decide like 5 scenarios and see which one we both are super happy with.
As a whole, I would say about 20% (MAYBE!!!) of what is bad on the panes is my doing or only showed up because of the massive amount of construction debris blowing around.

I finish the job with 5 hours interior day 1 and 7-8 hours exterior day 2. I charged the following:

Small Window panes, 15 - $60.00

Medium Size Panes. 82 - $656.00

Large Size Panes. 9 - $90.00

Initial Clean
First time cleaning for any residential. 1 - $50.00

Construction Cleanup
First time window cleaning after construction, or newly built home, or new windows. Any reasons the windows may require much more attention than “normal”. 1 - $430.00

10% discount for people who are 55 years of age or older - MINUS (-) $130.00

TOTAL $1157

(1) Do I charge Half the CCU price to redo all of it?
(2)Do I charge Half of what it would be as a normal clean and redo it all?
(3) same as above but 1/3 the prices???
(4) full price, as I explained to them, I knew this was a bad idea and couldn’t guarantee the windows wouldn’t get other peoples problems on them during that construction.
(5) charge nothing and redo all of it, cut my loses and return every 6mths-1year. (Never a guarantee either)
(6) (7) (8) better ideas from you guys?? Have you ever done a mid CCU? was this a very very bad idea?


First, ANYTHING that is your fault, like you claimed, you fix on your dime. That’s just good business.

Second, anything like finger prints from other contractors, mud, or whatever, is their fault. You can clean it up for free as a goodwill gesture, or charge them. Personally, I would clean it all up for free, IF they sign a contract with me. You don’t know if they aren’t going to call someone else NEXT time. If they don’t want to agree to a service contract, then you should charge them for anything that is not your lack of doing the job right. Fingerprints are not CCU, but mud would be.

Personally, I would be upset with myself or employees, if they/I didn’t do it all right the first time. That just leaves a bad impression and it doesn’t make me look like a pro. If you have to rush a job, you aren’t doing it/pricing it right.

I don’t understand your pricing structure, but from what I see, I wouldn’t use it.
My window price is X. Larger windows are factored 1.5/2.0/2.5 etc., of the regular window price. I charge by the window, NOT the pane.
Construction clean is at LEAST 2x the normal price, and sometimes 3x if they are bad enough.

And initial clean price should be a factor percentage, NOT a flat fee. So adding 10 or 20 percent isn’t so hard, and it makes more sense then just a flat fee for “initial clean”.

I also would NOT offer a senior discount for CCU’s.

This is YOUR business, you are going to need to decide how to price and keep yourself profitable. All we can do is offer suggestions.


I had a very similar situation last week finishing up a large CCU

Depending on the amount that you missed, I would charge for the work moving forward. If you did a poor job and missed quite a bit that may be a little different and you may want to try to make up for it by doing a good well gesture.

CCU should happen after final clean if customer wants to turn over the property clean.

It is extremely common for this situation to happen. The closing date, move in day
Are set 1 year prior. Construction always has delays and there’s a rush to the end and is amazing at the difference from one night to the next what shape they try to whip it into.

With experience, communication and expectations will surely help future CCU jobs.


Thank you all for your replies!

Only about 6 panes were my fault where I didn’t get all of the over spray off the panes. But it was the largest 20 x 10 windows. However we have all decided I’ll go back at end of September and reclean everything. They will be paying me for half the CCU price of $600

Thanks for all the feed back… post construction from now on!

I start vacation after tomorrow’s store fronts. I’ll worry later!


yea cleaning mid progress is never a good idea