Mayweather vs. mcgregor


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conspiracy- Mayweather throws the fight to then make it a trilogy and make a billion dollars through 3 fights.


hahah I havent heard that one yet.


I want conor to win, but honestly boxing? The world champion whose undefeated vs someone who trains at Mixed Martial arts. Mayweather only trains boxing and that means he’s a master of his trade. While on the other hand conor is good at mixed but has never mastered any of his arts.


They’re both cocky and I just hope to see them bash eachother face in, don’t care who wins.


I’m going with McGregor… he’s a sharp dressed man. It’s the little things that make me laugh.


Mcgregor stands no chance. I would love to see a good fight , but not going to happen. There both doing it for the money , but can you blame them.


Unfortunately to throw the fight he would have to take a beating. Pretty boy would never do it.
If I were Mcgregor I would fought him under one circumstance next year you cross over.


Just voted for Mayweather on accident lol but I want McGregor to whoop him. Usually I’m not a fan of any celebrity or athlete who talks a big game and constantly trash talks but idk something about McGregor. It’s gonna be tough for him to beat mayweather in his own game but I’m hoping to gives it everything he’s got and beats mayweather


If he wins it will be by knock out. He ain’t going to whoop him. He is going to have to connect , An knock him out. It could happen … I doudt it cause Mayweahter won’t let it.

BTW when is this stupid fight again. I’m going to watch it , but it’s a joke . These guys are genius’ though. There probably eating lunch together somewhere today


You people that think McGregor has a 1% chance of winning know nothing about boxing. Not trying to insult anyone, but you have a guy that has never boxed going up against the greatest boxer in the past 20 years. That’s like saying I can hit a grand slam off Pedro Martinez because I had offers to play D2 Baseball in highschool.


Mayweather will win by knockout in the 3rd round.


Kyle you sound like you know a lot of things about a lot of things. I envy your mastery and knowledge.


@chris, I envy your assumptions of my mastery and knowledge about things. If only it was true.


As a former boxer… i have to vote Mayweather because experience in the ring means alot when ur boxing against an experienced boxer. Id love to see mcgregor win, but all floyd has to do is put him in a position he didnt think about during his limited training.


People think mcgregor has a chance…lol


Alright who’s watching?




…was it worth the “pay per view” price tag…


Didn’t need to. Watched it on my wife’s Periscope App :slight_smile: as expected yes… Mayweather, McGregor and Las Vegas won. …